is this one going mad or are these the same riff??

This one needs your help.

Listen to both for at least 10 seconds each, right after each other:



the “hunger-knock”: yet another reason HFL is hardmode for ma’habocath

HFL = Health & Fitness Lifestyle.

(copy-pasted from S4H so no “khajiitification“)

I was out of biking for about a week and half so I didn’t have this issue much, though I still needed to eat roughly the same amount else I’d get hungry (but not enough to “knock” me). But two days ago I got my bike back and with it the every 1-3 day I deal with the “hunger knock”:

Out of nowhere, usually at work, I feel a “click” in my head and … the best way I can think to explain what happens to me is to go here and set the sliders like the following image (on that page, click Shepard Down and drag the one all the way up), the longer you listen the more you’ll get what goes on in my head during a “hunger knock”:

shepard-down Continue reading “the “hunger-knock”: yet another reason HFL is hardmode for ma’habocath”

credit card junk mail? do “opt-out”

Update: since this one has written this, at least eight weeks ago, he has not gotten a single credit card junk mail. Guess it just took them a while to get it all out of their system. Hopefully it stays this way.

ma’habocath has tried calling that “opt-out” number three separate times.

The junk mail still comes.

Doing that probably is just telling them I’m reading their junk and thus encouraging them to send more. (Warning: this link is very NSFW [cursing, nudity] but it is well worth the read, this one promises his good friend.)

So, don’t waste your time.