why ma’habocath no longer bothers with tech stuff anymore

This one has gone through the following process over 100 times:

1] have problem, or want to do something (eg “make Opera auto-open certain files”, “root phone”)
2] Google it
3] pick set of instructions not yet tried and follow
4] didn’t work; either stopped at one of the steps (eg “step 4 = go to Menu XYZ” … Menu XYZ nonexistent, or “step 7 = open pref.ini, find ‘foo = 0’ and change to ‘foo = 1′” … no foo to be found) or follow all steps and nothing happened
5] if patience > 0 and irritation < suppressing_urge_to_punch_something goto 3, else goto 6
6] give up before punch_something = 1 and/or down_sorrows_in_vodka = 1


paying $22 for a phone comes with these kinds of issues

  • New “dumb”phone suddenly turns off and wouldn’t turn back on.
  • Panic. Scrambling to do this, that, and the other including pulling out battery and plugging it back in after trying to charge and nothing (despite >50% on bar).
  • Suddenly remember about some microSD cards causing issues if one does not format it before plugging it in.
  • Pulls out microSD card.
  • Phone works again!
  • Put it back in.
  • Phone still works.
  • But now ma’habocath wishes to format the card despite the need to wait at least 2 hours for >1,500 mp3s to load back on through swamp-slow USB.
  • But nothing on Google nor in the manual says how to do this.
  • Tech support contacted, time to wait “at least two business days”…

At least this one now knows what to do next time this occurs…

But paying >$300 for a “smart”phone is no proof against these kinds of issues either, as this one learned the hard way about a month back! (Hence why he now owns a $22 phone.)