gift ideas: music CD’s

Bolded is a must-own for ma’hab, please-please? zffrp
Italicized is low-priority.
* means this one is not yet sure if he want this item; he must first go to the store to rent it.

Heavy Metal
\,,/ d(>_<)b \,,/
Fallen Angels Venom
Malevolent Rapture Legion of the Damned
Only Tools And Corpses Gorerotted
Defending The Throne Of Evil Carpathian Forest
Screaming For Vengeance Judas Priest
Act of God ZnoWhite
Bathory Bathory
Under the Sign of the Black Mark Bathory
The Return of the Darkness Bathory
Okkult Atrocity
Hammerheart Bathory
Nightmares Made Flesh Bloodbath
Death Eternal Deathchain
Something Wicked This Way Comes Iced Earth
Descent Into Chaos Legion of the Damned
Cult of the Dead Legion of the Damned
Feel The Blade Legion of the Damned
etc etc
Dark Ambient
Atmospheric/Depressive Doom/Drone/Black Metal
OSTs from (Mostly) Horror TV/Movies/Games

Foundation Ahasverus
The Place Where The Black Stars Hang Lustmord
Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light
Limited Edition Digipack
A Diadem of Dead Stars
Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars Blut Aus Nord
etc etc
Japanese Music, Mostly Pop/Rock
Arguably (for the most part) Non-Otaku
Tenkyu no Ongaku Yui Makino
Bitter Kiss Aya Uchida
Rockbound Neighbors Nana Mizuki
Easy Listening Maaya Sakamoto
Step One!! StylipS
The Supernova Strikes StylipS
Spring is here Sphere
New Beginning BAND-MAID
etc etc
Absolutely Weeaboo
\,,/ d()b \,,/
Soldier Game μ’s
Torikoriko PLEASE!! AZALEA
μ’s Best Album Best Live! Collection μ’s
Solo Live 2: Umi Sonoda: Ao no Shinwa Mimori Suzuko
Symphogear Character song series 4 Yukine Chris Ayahi Takagaki
etc etc

Last Update: 17/03/17
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