gift ideas: music CD’s

Bolded is a must-own for ma’hab, please-please? zffrp
Italicized is low-priority.
Strike-through means I already got it.

Heavy Metal
\,,/ d(>_<)b \,,/
Fallen Angels muse venom.jpg Venom
मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान muse cof Cult Of Fire
Ego Dominus Tuus muse ego dominus tuus.jpg Nightbringer
etc etc etc
Dark Ambient
Atmospheric/Depressive Doom/Drone/Black Metal
OSTs from (Mostly) Horror TV/Movies/Games

Foundation muse aha Ahasverus
The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (MP3) muse lust black star Lustmord
Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light
Limited Edition Digipack
muse diadem dead A Diadem of Dead Stars
Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars muse blut 2 Blut Aus Nord
Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers Of The Icy Age muse blut 1 Blut Aus Nord
Ultima Thulee muse blut ult Blut Aus Nord
Dark Space III muse darkplace.jpg Dark Space
Solstice Hivernal muse solstice.jpg Neige et Noirceur
Pillars I muse earth and pillars.jpg Earth And Pillars
etc etc etc
Japanese Music, Mostly Pop/Rock
Arguably (for the most part) Non-Otaku
Easy Listening muse maaya ease Maaya Sakamoto
New Beginning muse maid beginning BAND-MAID
Tenkyu no Ongaku muse makino Yui Makino
Bitter Kiss muse bitter aya.jpg Aya Uchida
Melody muse melody.jpg Chiba Saeko
Everything LACA-5290.jpg Chiba Saeko
Just Bring It CRCP-40485.jpg BAND-MAID
Spring Is Here LASA-5085.jpg Sphere
Third Planet LASA-35134.jpg Sphere
etc etc etc

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