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I posted the following on Ask Scooby:

How do you respond to people walking up to you and asking for a dollar and such? Do you? Do you tell them you have no money? Do you tell them “I won’t help enable an addiction but I can buy you a sandwich”? Do you direct them to the nearest homeless shelter and/or soup kitchen? Do you carry extra protein bars to give to the needy? Something else?

Not sure if they’d like me to copy-paste their words from a private site to a public blog, so I’ll only bring out my later replies: Continue reading “beggars”

buddhism as psychotherapy

Though I may never reach “enlightenment/awakening” in this life, if instead of crossing the river I end up making this a houseboat, at least I can try training my brain to result in becoming less of a neurotic, self-conscious, sorry sadsack most the time so living sucks a little less, then maybe I can get back to bodybuilding, learning Japanese, and so on with less triggering of my chronic depression & anxiety…

why’d they choose this name

As it turns out, speaking this book’s title in conversation is… awkward!

2017-06-26 11.35.31

Also, just half-way through this and it’s made me realize that what I always thought of Alan Watts being “omg sooo deeep” was really just a simplified Made-For-Cable-TV spin of what lies in this book, which self-admits to itself being a generalized overview of thousands of pages from thousands of years of dissertations of mind, self, reality, nature, and so forth.

This stuff. It’s not a religion. It’s a declaration of war against the very foundations of everything I ever thought and felt I understood, up to and including what I honestly believe constitutes “I”. Thanks, Buddhism, for tricking me down such a vast rabbit hole and putting it into perspective just what a clueless, ignorant moron I really am!