voice of ma’habocath

Greetings to my good friend, the Reader.

ma’habocath has a favor to ask of you. When reading posts and pages of this one’s harvest bowl of caught thoughts, please imagine they are by one who resembles:

Whose speech and mannerisms are as:

ma’hab tries very hard to “voice” his natterings (difficult to type with these claws! hence much brevity) with the playful inquisitiveness and roguish charm of a post-adolescent cat-man who hails from a faraway land that seems to have been inspired (culturally and environmentally) mostly by the Middle East with many pinches from both Africa just south of the Sahara and ancient “Mayincatec“.

This one sometimes also adapts speech and mannerisms of swamp-dwelling lizardfolk:

For at times, ma’hab can be a bit of a snake, too. fnygv

Be well traveler, and good hunting.