how ma’habocath entered the health & fitness lifestyle

• >15 years morbid obesity (and… other things. I’m not talking about them.) leading to typical /r9k/ NEET lyfe
• find 4chan fat-hate threads, many laughs
• then some threads on the good feels about being /fit/
• some time later, two episodes of mega-pig making me feel like scrap for days: 24 jumbo chicken breasts, next week 6 huge Taco Bell burritos, the ones with the potatoes and chili fritos
• say screw it, spend next 3-4 days reading the /fit/ sticky and clicking every link, Googling and Wikipedia’ing about nutrition, and so forth

• five years later…


XII gratitude of ma’habocath

ma’habocath is thankful for his immune system.

Every time this one experiences a streak of insomnia, he becomes aware of how terrible it is to be sick. But at all other times he seems to possess amaranthine stoicism even during his most obese days.

It’s likely the reason he does not now suffer diabetes and heart failure… fingers crossed it remains that way and he has bolstered his body via obsessive health-nuttery.

ma’habocath hates dealing with doctors which is his #1 reason for health-nuttery, by the way.

X gratitude of habocath

This one is grateful for his family & very good friends.

  1. Listening to ma’habocath, even if only rarely did they understand the half-insane natterings he is barely capable of expressing — especially verbally!
    • This one’s skill at verbal expression is stunted to embarrassing levels to this day and probably always will be. ma’hab has and will always struggle his entire life attempting/not-attempting to accept, compensate for, cope, come to terms with his many incurable/untreatable social disabilities.
  2. Tolerating this one’s sharing of stupid things they don’t care about and other dork-lord tendencies.
  3. Putting up with this one’s temper, entitlement, and ingratitude.
  4. Gifting this one food and shelter during his dark, lonely, penniless NEET years on top of his teen period.
  5. Helping out wherever they can.

IX gratitude of ma’habocath

This one is grateful for cycling and no longer owning a car.

  1. ma’hab is saving at least $400/mo: no more gas, no more car insurance, no more sudden $4-$800 mechanic visits every few months.
  2. ma’hab has grown tough as nails trekking this region’s woeful winters and sweltering summers.
  3. This one’s thighs are huge. T-rex mode 4 lyfe.
  4. Boatloads of cardio was the final plateau-breaker for losing the final 70 lbs to finish this one’s goal of starting over 420 lbs to going under 240.
  5. Boatloads of cardio has been an enormous help for acquiring much energy and reducing much depression over the past year and a half.

Only thing ma’hab misses is being able to see his family whenever — and listening to Alan Watts lectures on work commutes — but this one is trying to save money so this one can (maybe in 1-2 years) buy a killer speedster that can deliver ma’habocath 70-80 miles in a day.