ghost story: oilrag banshee

ma’habocath has told this tale in one form or another on other sites over the years, but this one can’t find it again so ma’hab retypes it anew:

Many years ago in late-teens or early-tweens, ma’habocath was trying to sleep upstairs, the windows behind his head, the stairwell and doorway are to his left across the room. This old home was a few blocks from a prison so plenty of light coming through the windows in the dead of night, casting many long shadows. ma’hab’s glasses were on the nightstand so everything was cast a dull monochrome.

ma’habocath saw a large, dark figure walking up the stairwell. Assumed it was this one’s elder brother, but those stairs creaked terribly and he’s a big dude. ma’hab stared in bewilderment at seeing but not hearing the ascending figure. When it got to the top of the stairs ma’hab saw it more clearly, or at least as clear as this one’s impaired vision would allow. Continue reading “ghost story: oilrag banshee”


memory hole: bizarre, terrifying 90’s home videos (the weird side of youtube)

Memory Hole is straight from the deepest depths of The Weird Side Of YouTube, one of ma’habocath’s favorite places on the modern-day Internet. Expect this one to drag back more magnificent monstrosities for you all to be utterly weirded-out by.

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