where may this one acquire these things the cheapest?

2017-07-10 09.32.56.jpg

(“Permanent” household stuff like trash bins, laundry hampers, pillows [which I forgot to write down before photographing, along with: mop, broom, dust pan], toilet seat, fridge magnets, big-big-big cork boards [or whatever I can stick a huge bunch of posters and such onto with thumbtacks], etc.)

A friend suggested most of these may be acquired on the cheap at Dollar Tree/Store but I wanna ask around here, too. =)


three months into this pay-as-you-go phone plan

Just got third bill from a little-known phone company — ma’habocath will not name them for fear of “copyright violation” or some other means corporation-hired lawyers chew and spit the little guy all across the Internet these days.

It’s poor service in this one’s area, especially indoors. but perpetual 1-2 bars still works perfectly fine with this one’s $22 dumbphone — which again he will not link directly because corporations have gotten very good at silencing consumers on the Internet if they don’t like what you have to say about their products and/or services. Anyway, this phone is only just good enough for texting and calling which is good enough for ma’habocath.

This one got with this phone company because ma’habocath wanted to see if they’d be cheaper than other options in my area — since [REDACTED] had cost him just under $50/mo for two years when he had smartphones and ‘needed’ all those tens of gigabytes of bandwidth for all the YouTubing ma’habocath was doing while on work breaks, and the next cheapest option around these parts is the basic $20/mo plan from [DATA EXPUNGED] which ma’habocath still might go to if this phone service ends up more expensive on average and/or this one gets sick of perpetual 1-2 bars unless he’s outdoors under a clear sky: Continue reading “three months into this pay-as-you-go phone plan”

vinegar shampoo, olive oil lotion, everclear deodorant, baking soda soap, coconut oil toothpaste, honey aftershave balm: going au naturel

(Forum post so no khajiitification.)

My attempt at going au naturel in cleaning is going pretty smoothly:

• Instead of hand lotion (cold weather leaves my sensitive fingers cracked and bloody if I don’t lotion up four times a day), a mix of olive oil and coconut oil. Works well!

• Thrice I’ve bathed in epsom salts and the same mix of olive and coconut oils. Oh boy does my whole body feel smooth for hours.

• Instead of body wash, I’ve just been rubbing natural baking soda into my armpits and other… problem areas. I smell just fine. Maybe later I’ll make a homemade body soap once I get the ingredients. Continue reading “vinegar shampoo, olive oil lotion, everclear deodorant, baking soda soap, coconut oil toothpaste, honey aftershave balm: going au naturel”

credit card junk mail? do “opt-out”

Update: since this one has written this, at least eight weeks ago, he has not gotten a single credit card junk mail. Guess it just took them a while to get it all out of their system. Hopefully it stays this way.

ma’habocath has tried calling that “opt-out” number three separate times.

The junk mail still comes.

Doing that probably is just telling them I’m reading their junk and thus encouraging them to send more. (Warning: this link is very NSFW [cursing, nudity] but it is well worth the read, this one promises his good friend.)

So, don’t waste your time.


best gear for winter cycling? also, cheap bike stuff to buy

Cheap! According to a fellow Sweat4Health member:

A lot of what you see on amazon is people buying from here and then using amazon fullfilment to sell it. If you don’t mind waiting a long time for shipping you can get some decent deals. I think the jersey I biked to work with today was about 12-15 bucks.

It helps counteract the 140ish i spent on my bike teams race kits :X

ma’habocath does not like numbers, money, credit…

ma’habocath does not wish to be your typical “geek” and spew rage all over the Internet, but this one must get this off his furry chest.

This one is your stereotypical artsy-fartsy “pretentious writer”-type. This one’s thoughts are in the form of color and sound; there are neither words nor numbers up in here. He especially does not have a head for money.

While ma’hab has been able to learn a great many things by Googling it — learning a new language, starting the health-n-fitness lifestyle, taught himself how to write HTML in middle school (late 90’s) and other odd computer stuff like sending email via Telnet, even getting some experience in video editing and 3D modeling, “understanding” more spirituality in a year than people who’ve been religious their entire lives… Continue reading “ma’habocath does not like numbers, money, credit…”