ma’hab cannot help himself before the pretty and the pink

Confound it all, this one can’t give up Sphere no matter how flowery is the cover, they’re just too chill and kind, therefore they’re back on his wish list.

Yes, he was listening to Sphere while finishing up The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Perfect accompaniment!


clarifying the whole violence and passion in music thing

Pt 2.

Thought I should clarify the whole musical themes/lyrics/etc about violence and lust a bit more as I was jotting down the above in a hurry so I could get to bed. That and it’s so much fun to not have a giant pile of chores to divvy up across the next week and just chillax in front of my computer for a good two to four hours image-viewing and navel-gazing like the good ol’ days. =)

I’m not judging anyone elses’ tastes when I say the likes of “anime is cringe”, only how I personally feel about such things. Like when that housekeeper came over last week, I felt the need to take down and hide those posters of Rin and Alicia and to hide my Umi figma, etc. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back: even if it’s silly of me, if I’m that embarrassed of something, I need to get rid of it. Best for Right/Perfect Speech, too. Continue reading “clarifying the whole violence and passion in music thing”

cringe purge upon some old stuff!

Pt 1.

Anything to do with anime; be it toys, posters, or CD’s; are going bye-bye just like my handful of Mighty Thor stuff. The latter went to my dad and the former is going to my new otaku friend — anything she doesn’t want… well, this stuff seems too good to go to Goodwill, but there are local resale shops in town I could probably drop these off to. Doesn’t seem right to give $90 figma to Goodwill! Continue reading “cringe purge upon some old stuff!”

the indians are coming

All four of these playing very loud in my apartment (so I can hear it in my kitchen while cooking and doing dishes) and all my windows and back door is open:

Then I go to laundromat next door to see a lady looking very confused out the window in there. She asks me, “Do you hear that? What in the world..?” I tell her it’s from my place. “Oh wow that’s good meditation music!” And she laughs when I mention I figured it’d be more polite to blast that than death metal!