pursued passions of ma’hab

What does ma’habocath’s life look like? Something like:

• Chores. (Finances, shopping, cleaning, cooking with further cleaning…)
• Multiple passions.
○ Buddhism.
○ Healthy/Natty Bodybuilding. (~4 hr/wk cardio, 1-2 hr/wk lifting [depending on back pain/DOMS/etc])
○ Cooking as a huge subsection of Healthy/Natty Bodybuilding. (Anywhere from 1 hr/wk to 6 hrs in a day, depending on what happened to run out last week if anything.)
○ Japanese language. (And maybe others in the future? As this one is finding learning a new language is addictively fun!)
$aving money.
• Multiple interests.
○ Anime.
○ Blogging.
○ Various other shoot-the-shoe-posting because ma’hab is the kind of “writer/content-creator” that if he does not write/draw/etc he will burst — this is the reason the tagline of his blog is “…with too much to say”). And blogging/etc helps keep away feelings of loneliness, for all of these passions and interests are solitary or at least ma’hab treats them in a solitary manner. (This one no one in person with whom he can share a single one of his interests, passions, or obsessions.)
○ Music. I HUNGER.
○ Bunch of other “on standby/have not yet begun/have stopped” interests/passions ma’hab currently has not the time nor inclination to get [back] to like:
◘ Fiction books; mostly fantasy and/or horror. ma’hab would love to consume everything by Lovecraft and Michael Moorcock, for starters.
◘ Video/tabletop games; huge part of growing up, still fundamentally a part of this one, but he’s more-or-less turned his back on gaming and gamers for reasons he won’t get into here.
◘ Video-making & video-editing.
◘ Photoshopping and other 2D making & editing.
Miku Miku Dance or some other 3D modeling program (e.g. Garry’s Mod); he’s actually tried MMD and when it took this one days to figure out the basics (back in his NEET days so he hadn’t anything better to do), then like four hours to program Luka Megurine walking across the screen then turning to the camera to wave (maybe 6-8 seconds of video) and speaking from one of hundreds of Morrowind’s female Nord sound-clips because Morrowind’s female Nords have the sexy voices to match Luka’s sexy face-n-body (getting Luka’s lips, eyes, eyebrows, and so forth to sync with the words “Welcome friend, hail!” alone took more than half the time!) ma’habocath said “aw hell nah, this one would need to drop everything else for the next several years to make time for the mastering of 3D modeling!!” Alas, all the video ideas he has bouncing around his head, of heavy metal AMVs (one involves motorcycles and another dragons, both involving murder & mayhem, because that’s the kind of manly-cat he is; there’s nothing better for his thirst than psychotic singer-dancers) and many other kinds of pointless YouTube fillers, will just have to be buried in his grave alongside his corpse. (As with so much else he wants to say and make; if only ma’hab didn’t have to work, sleep, eat, or any other basic life necessity so he could dedicate ALL his time to MAKING.)
◘ Programming; barely done it; want to do it someday maybe, singing; never done it, kinda-sorta wanna, if at least to not JUST be a mere consumer of music, and this one has no interest at all in learning any instrument other than his voicebox!
◘ Drawing; haven’t drawn/painted/etc anything since high school art class and it’s one of those things he wants to do… eventually… he has full graphic novels and so forth mapped out in his head he wants out-out-out of this one’s head! (See “if ma’habocath does not make he will burst” above.)
◘ Other things ma’hab will remember later.
• His new-found obsession with spirituality, which permeates everything he thinks and does.
Look at the books ma’habocath wants to read before he dies. The list is unfinished; he has at least 108 more to add when he gets around to it. Not to mention the dozens he’s currently sitting on he’s not yet gotten to. Oh, and did ma’hab mention all the audio lectures he’s yet to listen to? This one still only ~450 pages of >1,700 of the Bible (KJV), for just ONE holy book he wants to consume (only two this one has finished so far is The Qu’ran and the Tao Te Ching); this one still needs to read). Get the picture? Or must ma’hab go on??