arts and crafts

I suck at this. I bet everyone else reading this are better.

For example, here’s my attempt at mala/Buddhist beads… with pipe cleaners. Forgot the tassel so I made a third dorje/bell counter at the guru bead. Ugh, I should’ve just bought one. Continue reading “arts and crafts”



This is unfinished and will probably remain so forever despite starting months ago, ma’habocath may never get around to re-writing this especially the third part which may just stay sucking. Just posting so this one can stop clinging and continuing his Morrowind blue-ballin’. Continue reading “ma’hanacass”

the smile reflected in that mirror [poem]

Onlookers afar see a scowl
Those who draw near witness your sneer
While the singing butterfly
Shares the wealth of cheer

Surrounded by strangers
She opens their center
Unabashedly does she listen
The butterfly is allowed to enter

While you think and frown
You lack her intuition
You cannot help feeling down
When you ask yourself why Continue reading “the smile reflected in that mirror [poem]”

here’s why it’s good ma’hab will never learn to draw!

Because every once in a while, something absurd will pop in this one’s head. For example, this morning when yang shuffled to this:

ma’habocath spontaneously imagined these girls: Continue reading “here’s why it’s good ma’hab will never learn to draw!”

drunk orc ‘zerker-paladin [morrowind fanfic]

“These ashlands,” Kusarikku muttered to himself after yet another coughing fit, “no wonder the Dark Elves sound almost as barbaric as my brethren.”

Kusarikku gro-Gugalanna took another swig of sujamma to cool his throat as he trekked north through a foyoda once more, this time towards the Urshilaku camp some days after Caius finally told him why the Emperor had shipped him to this blasted wasteland. But he couldn’t be too harsh after staying here for long. He had come to see a form of rough beauty in the sparse vegetation, only those tough enough to survive. But then he recalled his own rough upbringing in an orc stronghold (its name long ago intentionally forgotten) in Skyrim, his land of birth, and shook his head over the thought of how many beautiful flowers had been trampled in the name of survival of the fittest. Continue reading “drunk orc ‘zerker-paladin [morrowind fanfic]”