copy-pasting today’s exercise from my S4H progress diary

Oh hey I did a single rotisserie rotation and a few 5-7 blue-band pullups today! Not much more as even this little bit was making the bones of my lower spine grind painfully but it’s a re-start. Decided to try chanting “om mani padme hum” (deep breath, 3-4 mantra-chants, repeat [this takes at least five seconds]) instead of counting the seconds; yay, two birds with one stone!

~3 hours of mindless blogging later:

I just spent ~12:30 on my Schwinn Biodyne, intending to do ~25 min for cardio. I’ve been out so long that I was ready to give up before I hit the 5 minute mark! I spent the last five minutes in my computer chair panting and feeling my heart and lungs lowering from white-hot burning to glowing ash embers. Yeeow. And I did this right after ~15 minutes meditating. How fun! And near the end I was trying to see how many “om mani padme hum’s” I could say and past the 10m mark I couldn’t even finish “padme”!

Okay, it’s been 10 minutes, I can walk again without limping, my chair is soaked, so be right back ice cold shower (second one today) to douse the flames off my quads.

And now back to my regularly-scheduled program of pointless navel-gazing, attention-whoring, and music-cherry-picking.


the “hunger-knock”: yet another reason HFL is hardmode for ma’habocath

HFL = Health & Fitness Lifestyle.

(copy-pasted from S4H so no “khajiitification“)

I was out of biking for about a week and half so I didn’t have this issue much, though I still needed to eat roughly the same amount else I’d get hungry (but not enough to “knock” me). But two days ago I got my bike back and with it the every 1-3 day I deal with the “hunger knock”:

Out of nowhere, usually at work, I feel a “click” in my head and … the best way I can think to explain what happens to me is to go here and set the sliders like the following image (on that page, click Shepard Down and drag the one all the way up), the longer you listen the more you’ll get what goes on in my head during a “hunger knock”:

shepard-down Continue reading “the “hunger-knock”: yet another reason HFL is hardmode for ma’habocath”

bike fun

>bike back after 1-1/2 weeks in shop, upgrading from single- to five-speed
>test upgraded bike yesterday and the day before
>discover 5-spd is killer, speed- and pain-wise
>legs feel like jelly walking upstairs to apartment
>worried about DOMS & cramps; take magnesium before bed
>next morning, neither
>I am invulnerable manly-man!
>do stuff
>ready for work
>take one step downstairs
>I am sissy girly-boy.
>take it easy biking to work today, avoiding stairs whenever I can

>drop phone
>slam thighs shut
>catch phone
>along with… other things
>still wincing
>trying not to scream and cry
>should have let stupid phone drop

more bike speed stuff

Updated from:

One day of going to and coming from work:

• 4th feels most “natural” most of the time (speed+effort), especially going to work which is a lot less hilly than coming from work.

• 3rd isn’t enough to go up steep hills/bridges, but is well enough for those >1/2-mile stretches of slight, steady inclines coming from work if I can temper my patience going comparatively slow.

• 5th, even on a few blocks of windless flat road, HURTS. But I’m going comparatively quick. Probably nowhere near as quick as even a hybrid, but much faster than I’m used to when mine was single-speed. Something tells me I’m going to have to earn 5th.

• It’s going to take quite some time to learn when I should switch to 1st or 2nd for uphill.