this one’s shower curtains superior

Yours: inferior. Continue reading “this one’s shower curtains superior”


explaining is better than raining (blood)

My “new Columbian older sister” actually reasoned out why it’s better to keep the toilet seat down. Ladies, that’s how you do it. Whereas something like the following has quite the opposite effect: Continue reading “explaining is better than raining (blood)”

dedicated times for chores

Continuing this; see pics below. I suck at time management (as one can attest to my complete failure to adopt The 7 Habits into my life over a year back) but I’m gonna try following “my new Cambodian older sister’s” advice and declare certain days (around my work schedule and so forth) to specific chores. This is what I jotted down when I had a few moments to think and breathe. Maybe I need to think of what tasks I have and then divvy them up? Continue reading “dedicated times for chores”

which makes more scents: potpourri or baking soda?

See photo below; I’ve five of these strategically placed around my apartment and plan to add potpourri or baking soda to make for spreading good smells or absorbing bad smells, respectively. But which?

I figure mixing the two (or putting two in the same room) would counter-act each-others’ effects much like running a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room.

Maybe three or four (living room, dining room, bedroom, and maybe kitchen) can be potpourri and in the bathroom (and maybe kitchen) baking soda? Continue reading “which makes more scents: potpourri or baking soda?”