i’m already developing tibetan buddhist mind powers!

I’ll be controlling my heart-beat (cardio whenever, wherever!) and levitating in no time!!

>start reading a website
music pops in my head
>”hey I should play music for real”
>open Winamp and click shuffle
>the very song that spontaneously played in my head? was the first song that began playing in Winamp, out of >500 songs in that particular playlist
u wot m8

I’m still a little freaked out.



It’s taken all my effort to drag myself out of bed after maybe an hour and a half hitting the Snooze button the past few days, let alone do ANY form of exercise other than walk/bike to/from work, or even go online except to check the weather and bank account and spend hours mindlessly clicking about YouTube and WEBM threads on /b/. Been living in a nearly dead haze going barely able to drag myself through the motions of work and chores and little else for weeks. Wing-wonging between existential worries about such-and-so and feeling like a zombie trying to accomplish this-that-and-the-other, I don’t know how anyone pursues any form of goal or dream when I’m like a phone on perpetual <10% power doing my best to struggle-battle to barely keep up with work and chores — I would literally pay like $75/wk for someone to do my laundry and cooking and so forth! Where do people get their vim and verve? I’d probably feel better if my system weren’t perpetually flooded with caffeine, painkillers, diphenhydramine (insomnia), and off-brand Beano and Gas-X (for the 4-6 lb broccoli and/or green beans I stuff myself sick with every work day to combat my raging appetite because I’m scared to death of getting hit by a hunger-knock “in the field” which is difficult enough — that and eating like a monster is one my very few stress-relievers and I’ve been so strung-out lately I’ve probably sunk almost $500 on cheat meals in May alone!) bu-ut if I don’t I won’t get any sleep and I couldn’t animate my body enough to do my job and if I can’t work I’ll get fired etc. etc.

ghost story: oilrag banshee

ma’habocath has told this tale in one form or another on other sites over the years, but this one can’t find it again so ma’hab retypes it anew:

Many years ago in late-teens or early-tweens, ma’habocath was trying to sleep upstairs, the windows behind his head, the stairwell and doorway are to his left across the room. This old home was a few blocks from a prison so plenty of light coming through the windows in the dead of night, casting many long shadows. ma’hab’s glasses were on the nightstand so everything was cast a dull monochrome.

ma’habocath saw a large, dark figure walking up the stairwell. Assumed it was this one’s elder brother, but those stairs creaked terribly and he’s a big dude. ma’hab stared in bewilderment at seeing but not hearing the ascending figure. When it got to the top of the stairs ma’hab saw it more clearly, or at least as clear as this one’s impaired vision would allow. Continue reading “ghost story: oilrag banshee”

spotted: japanese schoolgirls. for real.

Biking to work, ma’hab saw Japanese schoolgirls waiting at the bus stop. No joke, literal Japanese schoolgirls. And dressed just like they were in anime: knee-high socks with skirts even in winter and everything else; this one imagined the k-ON! girls’ winter uniforms. They couldn’t have been any older than 12. Passing by, this one even heard them speaking Japanese with each other.

It was a surreal few moments. For the next several minutes this one wondered if he had hallucinated the whole thing.