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ma’habocath’s day so far

Today so far…

• Awoke ~9am.
• Chugged kale/protein smoothie, put in a Tupp and left on nightstand.
• Drank a whole bunch of cawfee, made last night and put in thermoses on nightstand.
• Got up, began laundry.
• Rotisseried.
• Showered.
• Finished laundry.
• Breakfast of steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and 3 poached organic eggs.
• Began loaf of bread.
• Left to shop at several places and get a haircut on the other side of town, coming home and leaving again as my backpack filled with groceries.
• Bike chain fell off luckily <10 min walk from bike shop.
• Finally home around 4pm.
• Began making homemade Greek yogurt and pea-rotein flax.
• Now posting to forums and writing Morrowind fanfics while finishing the pea-rotein flax. When this one is done, ma’habocath will install Morrowind and play, play, play, then tomorrow this one will A-RISE, Morrowind, then go to bed for the next work week. 😦

copied from ma’hab’s progress diary on sweat4health

Progress report: not good.

• Only exercise I’ve been doing is daily rotisseries (even if I’m finally back up to 25-lb crunches and 10-lb side-planks), and every 2-4 days pushups or pullups mostly because my lower-back is either already sore or on the verge of tweaking and I’m afraid of doing anything to risk it. So basically only my legs (biking: >=40 mile/wk @ 2-4 hr/wk) and waist are getting any real work; forever stick-arms. 😦

• Been doing poorly in my Japanese studies: barely understand even basic grammar, and keep screwing up in my WaniKani studies.

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ma’habocath allows the answering machine to take morrowind’s latest call

Kind of want to play Morrowind again. Oh but wait, it’s broken and buggy without at least a dozen mods and hacks.

After that, Morrowind gameplay still sucks in almost every respect, and each step towards making it suck less makes it more and more buggy and broken again: Continue reading “ma’habocath allows the answering machine to take morrowind’s latest call”

drunk orc ‘zerker-paladin [morrowind fanfic]

“These ashlands,” Kusarikku muttered to himself after yet another coughing fit, “no wonder the Dark Elves sound almost as barbaric as my brethren.”

Kusarikku gro-Gugalanna took another swig of sujamma to cool his throat as he trekked north through a foyoda once more, this time towards the Urshilaku camp some days after Caius finally told him why the Emperor had shipped him to this blasted wasteland. But he couldn’t be too harsh after staying here for long. He had come to see a form of rough beauty in the sparse vegetation, only those tough enough to survive. But then he recalled his own rough upbringing in an orc stronghold (its name long ago intentionally forgotten) in Skyrim, his land of birth, and shook his head over the thought of how many beautiful flowers had been trampled in the name of survival of the fittest. Continue reading “drunk orc ‘zerker-paladin [morrowind fanfic]”