cooling tea without sticking it in the freezer

To use the same method of cooling a gallon of heated milk (for homemade Greek yogurt), why didn’t I think to do the same for freshly-boiled tea until today?

2017-07-22 10.27.39.jpg


please don’t use hershey’s nor nestle cocoa

I care about ya, man. I don’t wanna see you suffer. So in the name of the Bodhisattva Vow I tell you, if you’re gonna use cocoa powder please stay away from these:

Please don’t do this to yourself. Instead, try this. Continue reading “please don’t use hershey’s nor nestle cocoa”

psa: losing weight? here’s how all your meals ought to look

2017-04-17 14.34.08

(Not pictured: a liter of water.)

That is, every time you put something in your mouth, accompany it with a crap ton of vegetables (and water!) as the main course, your source of protein and/or carbs/fats as the side. Even if your side already has veggies: Continue reading “psa: losing weight? here’s how all your meals ought to look”