from single- to five-speed, what ma’hab has learned so far

• ma’habocath can’t be pedaling while shifting gears: while it is moving this one needs to stop pedaling, switch gears, wait a moment, then start pedaling again. Found this out the hard way several times before the bike shop guys figured out what was going on and explained how this one was doing it wrong.

• First gear: can casually walk faster than this! But ride is as smooth and easy as if this one were on flat, solid ice.

• Second: like first, only slightly harder and faster.

• Third: first impression tells ma’hab he should mostly stick here in poor weather and more hilly areas of town which is most of town, saving 4th and 5th for the rare flats in good weather.

• Fourth: takes quite a bit of effort to reach and maintain speed, similar to how it felt at single-speed.

• Fifth: fastest this one has ever ridden but oh the effort.

• A bad idea to try and fight a 15-mph headwind at 4th or 5th; haven’t strained my quads this hard since ma’hab was squatting >225-lb 5×5! Or maybe it’s just because this one’s legs have grown soft after a week and a half of little cardio.

This one is going to accept one more ride to-and-from work just for today because of jelly legs from ~1hr of many, many test laps around the bike shop parking lot and the ride home. That and crappy weather. Tomorrow we’ll see what happens on this one’s ~7 mile round trip to and from work! Will be interesting and odd, as going geared makes things behave quite differently.

best gear for winter cycling? also, cheap bike stuff to buy

Cheap! According to a fellow Sweat4Health member:

A lot of what you see on amazon is people buying from here and then using amazon fullfilment to sell it. If you don’t mind waiting a long time for shipping you can get some decent deals. I think the jersey I biked to work with today was about 12-15 bucks.

It helps counteract the 140ish i spent on my bike teams race kits :X

habocath is boozehound no more (for now?)

I think I’m about three months dry now. yu5wjlt

Last time I shotgunned five shots straight vodka about an hour before bed to relax me and as a sleep-aid. (Just one of many desperation acts to deal with insomnia.)

I woke up feeling as you’d expect, but as I was blinking I slowly noticed I could see clearly.

Oh. Crap. I left my contacts in!! Continue reading “habocath is boozehound no more (for now?)”