why’d they choose this name

As it turns out, speaking this book’s title in conversation is… awkward!

2017-06-26 11.35.31

Also, just half-way through this and it’s made me realize that what I always thought of Alan Watts being “omg sooo deeep” was really just a simplified Made-For-Cable-TV spin of what lies in this book, which self-admits to itself being a generalized overview of thousands of pages from thousands of years of dissertations of mind, self, reality, nature, and so forth.

This stuff. It’s not a religion. It’s a declaration of war against the very foundations of everything I ever thought and felt I understood, up to and including what I honestly believe constitutes “I”. Thanks, Buddhism, for tricking me down such a vast rabbit hole and putting it into perspective just what a clueless, ignorant moron I really am!

my ice has arrive

I lied; couldn’t wait ’til tonight to share this; how appropriate that this song was what happened to be shuffled to:

2017-06-23 14.31.24

…I was intending to take refugee in the Three Jewels once this arrived, but a little reading along the way proves that this cannot be done alone. Drat. Well, there’s this one place a ways away from home so maybe, hopefully, someday, I can make this Buddhism thing “official”… ah well, this leaves me plenty more time to learn what I’m getting myself into!

making even crappy things is fun

Spent wa-ay too much time making this horrible wallpaper as a quick reference guide:

A Reminder.png

And it still ended up barely-readable on my dumbphone:

2017-06-22 21.00.21.jpg

Ah well, I had fun. Oh wait, there is no “I” oh em gee I am failing at Buddhism already!11! Continue reading “making even crappy things is fun”

i’m already developing tibetan buddhist mind powers!

I’ll be controlling my heart-beat (cardio whenever, wherever!) and levitating in no time!!

>start reading a website
music pops in my head
>”hey I should play music for real”
>open Winamp and click shuffle
>the very song that spontaneously played in my head? was the first song that began playing in Winamp, out of >500 songs in that particular playlist
u wot m8

I’m still a little freaked out.

worship the chinese goddess yao chi

A short summary of events:

1) Last Wednesday, had biannual tooth cleaning. While waiting to get a tooth pulled, with a huge cavity that was too late to fill so it was either root canal or pull. And I had maybe a dime-sized lump of pain for almost a month prior.

2) Thursday morning, wake up to a golf-ball-sized lump full of pain. Call dentist, get back in, get put on amoxicillan.

3) For the next five days, dutifully take amoxi; it does nothing, lump grows to half a tennis ball, I look like those cartoon grandmas, even breathing hurts.

4) During this time have cycling accident. I barely feel it because the pain in my jaw is that intense; my entire shin was drenched with blood and I gave not one whit as I was walking back to my work building (it happened after clocking out and leaving) to go clean it and ask someone for a gauze bandage or something when one of the security/EMT people spotted my bloody leg and was all <em>AW HELL NAH!</em> and brought me to the medical room to doctor me up while I filled out an injury report.

5) Yesterday I call dentist again; they put me on penicillin. In just a day and a half the lump is roughly the size of a quarter and it no longer hurts to just open or close my mouth fully.

6) But now I’m really noticing the pain in my knee from the cycling accident; grunting and straining with ache just standing up or sitting down, can’t walk without limping and wincing. Also, the penicillin is giving me splitting headaches so I can barely bike to/from work with any effort, have to go slow or else the exertion will make my head pound like a jackhammer. It’s always somethin’.