anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise

I was cleaning out my torrents folder (ahh, feels so good to drop almost 1.5 TB from my second HD) and found a folder called “Anitore!EX” that I don’t remember getting. So I watched the first ep and it was 4 minutes of a girl (who could be anywhere from 11 to 19, because anime) talking excitedly and encouragingly to the audience about how to do pushups and crunches, and wanting to eat ice cream. Plenty of close-ups of her butt, belly, and legs throughout because no show in Japan has a hope in hell of selling if you don’t add boatloads of fanservice.

Here’s the entire first episode and you can easily find the rest (and Anitore!XX, its sequel) on YouTube and/or yarr:

Try not to cringe too hard at the poor thing struggling with half-rep pushups, “those are NOT crunches, dammit!”, “I have earned 600 calories of ice cream after my 20-calorie-burning ‘workout’”, a cutesy little song about doing your cardio, and of course the… ah… see, I’ve watched over 200 anime series so I am entirely numb to all but the worst fanservice (it takes full-frontal nudity for me to go “oh god damn it, Japan”), so what I *shrug* at would probably evoke for the rest of you, as SFDebris put it in his review of Mahromantic, “Jesus fucking Chriiiist… CAN I JUST GET THROUGH AN ANIME WITHOUT WORRYING I’M GOING TO JAIL JUST FOR WATCHING IT?!”

First 12 episodes finished in just under 50 minutes. Oh, after I finished watching I looked it up and this show’s name translates to something like “the training anime” and its plot synopsis is “”Move your soul and body!” Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to become idols will exercise with you, and that troubling body fat percentage will go down by 1000%…!?”. Maybe I downloaded because each episode was four minutes and its theme (exercise) was relevant to my interests. Anyway, episode synopses: Continue reading “anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise”

why ma’habocath no longer bothers with tech stuff anymore

This one has gone through the following process over 100 times:

1] have problem, or want to do something (eg “make Opera auto-open certain files”, “root phone”)
2] Google it
3] pick set of instructions not yet tried and follow
4] didn’t work; either stopped at one of the steps (eg “step 4 = go to Menu XYZ” … Menu XYZ nonexistent, or “step 7 = open pref.ini, find ‘foo = 0’ and change to ‘foo = 1′” … no foo to be found) or follow all steps and nothing happened
5] if patience > 0 and irritation < suppressing_urge_to_punch_something goto 3, else goto 6
6] give up before punch_something = 1 and/or down_sorrows_in_vodka = 1

a half-obscure moon is more beautiful than one in full view

Wish I had a camera that could take good moon shots.

Biking again much easier this time, I note the moon looks great with lots of cloud cover with just enough to illuminate. When I’m biking and asking lots of questions and hoping the juicers just fills my open, pleasing self.

And a bit later just biking and not really thinking of anything I look again and it is completely clear. Doesn’t look as cool as when it’s all cluttered, kinda boring with just almost-round yellow-white disc; (like a tooth unbrushed) on solid glowing blue-black backdrop!

Still cool, but comparatively boring when it’s alone, not surrounded by a chaotic mess of whirling junk that itself changes its light and shadows on how it moves.

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ghost story: oilrag banshee

ma’habocath has told this tale in one form or another on other sites over the years, but this one can’t find it again so ma’hab retypes it anew:

Many years ago in late-teens or early-tweens, ma’habocath was trying to sleep upstairs, the windows behind his head, the stairwell and doorway are to his left across the room. This old home was a few blocks from a prison so plenty of light coming through the windows in the dead of night, casting many long shadows. ma’hab’s glasses were on the nightstand so everything was cast a dull monochrome.

ma’habocath saw a large, dark figure walking up the stairwell. Assumed it was this one’s elder brother, but those stairs creaked terribly and he’s a big dude. ma’hab stared in bewilderment at seeing but not hearing the ascending figure. When it got to the top of the stairs ma’hab saw it more clearly, or at least as clear as this one’s impaired vision would allow. Continue reading “ghost story: oilrag banshee”

ma’habocath has seen the most beautiful eyes on nirn

On cash register, customer comes up to ma’habocath, she looks at this one, ma’hab be like WHOA!, and am again thankful for that apron and front pocket-pouch.

She had to have been wearing color contacts, no way a human being could have that shade of amber-honey-gold naturally. No joke, it was like looking at: Continue reading “ma’habocath has seen the most beautiful eyes on nirn”

“your life story” kind of…

Not quite ma’habocath’s life story — several key differences this one doesn’t want to get into — but this anonymous post still hits too close to home for comfort. It is comforting anyway, though, to know that someone, somewhere, gets what it is to be a complete screwup even if the little details don’t quite match. Continue reading ““your life story” kind of…”

the razor’s edge (1984)


He had everything and wanted nothing. He learned that he had nothing and wanted everything. He saved the world and then it shattered. The path to enlightenment is as sharp and narrow as a razor’s edge.

The Razor’s Edge is a straightforward showing of basic Hindu/Buddhist beliefs about self and life’s journey expressed in ways even Westerners can kinda-sorta get. If you don’t like bittersweet, ambiguous endings that leave the viewer with a hundred questions with no right answers, stay away. One could call this film “cerebral”, but in this one’s opinion it’s much more… well, whatever word is equivalent but for the intuition of your heart/soul/whatever — you don’t think what the underlying message is or what the story means, you feel.