“other/most people XYZ!” … so what?

Warning: this is more “ranty” than this one would prefer posting, but ma’habocath must get it off his chest as the following odd and annoying behavior bugs the daylights out of him. ma’habocath apologizes in advance for the hostility.

For some reason, this is a common retort: “other people do this, that, and/or the other” to when ma’hab states what he wants or does, or does or wants not do or want.


  • ma’hab: “I ought put a tarp over my bike when it’s rainy.”
    someone else: “No one else does, see?”

This one finds such statements odd and annoying, for the following reasons and more:

  1. ma’habocath (by birth, and by choice) has always been the “odd one out” in regards to needs, desires, proclivities, pursuits, etc. Meaning: what others around him do or don’t do means little.
  2. ma’habocath has never really cared what others around him do or don’t do, as for the most part they behave and are much different from himself (by choice, and not). See #1 & #6.
  3. Appeal to Majority is not an argument, it is you being a pest. Stop it!
  4. Appeal to Authority is not an argument, it is you being a pest. Stop it!
  5. Appeal to Anecdotal Evidence is not an argument, it is you being a pest. Stop it!
  6. Considering the mythic “most people” apparently don’t care about their health (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual), believe wealth the be-all-end-all, enjoy media ma’hab has little to no interest in (e.g. sports, top 40 radio), live for the past and future and not the present moment*, have no passion for– well, anything whatsoever beyond fast food, facebook, and reality TV, merely grazing whatever’s in front of them even if it’s crap, rather than actively hunting for the goods: what “most people” do or don’t do is actually good reason for this one to do the opposite!

This one apologizes for the hostility but he can bite his tongue no longer. Thank you for understanding, respecting, and realizing ma’hab is tired of scarring his tongue, and does not wish to ruin anyone’s day by biting their head off for unintentionally pressing one of his Berserk Buttons.

Recommended supplementary reading: Advice vs Counsel. Actually, just read everything on that blog to get some understanding of ma’habocath, the good and the ill.

By the way, to everyone who’s knee-jerk emotional reaction (especially to #6) is along the lines of “OMG UR SO MEEAAN S0O0 ELITIST” etc: please, please just stop. You are wrong, plain and simple. ma’hab has theories as to why “most people” engage in this odd and annoying behavior but he will keep such insulting observations to himself.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with (ctrl+f “anti-elitism”) being a snob or elitist. Don’t be a pest.


* This one can’t get the stupid links to work for some reason, so go to Google Images and type one or more the following:

  • “alan watts” past
  • “alan watts” present
  • “alan watts” future
  • “alan watts” now
  • “alan watts” present
  • “alan watts” moment

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