today’s two-for-one


ma’habocath learns he hates writing 麗.

Thank you Iida Riho, popcorn, and yogurt-cawfee for getting this one through that last sentence!


the dry bones wetten

Copied from his post on S4H.

So WaniKani‘s (and other things) been teaching me all sorts of new words but only recently have I begun hammering in grammar. So while I could pick out words in j-pop/anime/etc I couldn’t “put them together”.

Grammar has been taking such a long time because I’m also learning writing at the same time, which is making it take twenty times as long… but if I just read the lessons and exercises I’d forget them twenty times as fast than if I were painstakingly writing it out.

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to translate a song

Some years ago ma’habocath tried learning Japanese, but had no clear goal so this one stopped after several weeks of not really knowing what he was doing or where he was going.

But a few months back this one regained the spark from music, the most magical thing.

This one is trying his best to self-study (mostly Tae Kim and WaniKani) but not sure if what I’m doing is leading to my stepping-stone of “Listen to Japanese music as it is, no translations nor anything else.”

So! I’m going to focus my learning, somehow, into translating a song. And then another. And then another.

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ma’habocath keeps slowly dragging feet through japanese writing muck

Would you believe this took at least an hour?


Probably over 90% of that time I was double- and triple-checking stroke order, especially for the second kanji in “friend”: . Phreeow, that one is a doozy! Makes ma’habocath’s poor fingers hurt!

Almost as bad is the second kanji in “school”: .

At least all the times this one has repeatedly written (study, learning, science) I was able to write it a couple times from memory! For now. Let’s hope it sticks so I can get through these exercises a lot faster so I’m learning more grammar than I am writing…