uncle scooby teaches how to shop on the fly


“self-help” book recommendations

(Not a self-help book, but for you more sciency and intellectual types, this should help you understand the mindset of more artistic and spiritual people. A brilliant [and if more people listen, potentially revolutionary] viewpoint and mental-structure that legitimizes emotion as just another type of thinking [of a “low-focus” form, whereas “high-focus” results in logic, math, abstractions, etc.] rather than the typical strict separation of thought and feeling prevalent among cognitive scientists and philosophers of mind.)


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the smile reflected in that mirror [poem]

Onlookers afar see a scowl
Those who draw near witness your sneer
While the singing butterfly
Shares the wealth of cheer

Surrounded by strangers
She opens their center
Unabashedly does she listen
The butterfly is allowed to enter

While you think and frown
You lack her intuition
You cannot help feeling down
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