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cringe purge upon some old stuff!

Pt 1.

Anything to do with anime; be it toys, posters, or CD’s; are going bye-bye just like my handful of Mighty Thor stuff. The latter went to my dad and the former is going to my new otaku friend — anything she doesn’t want… well, this stuff seems too good to go to Goodwill, but there are local resale shops in town I could probably drop these off to. Doesn’t seem right to give $90 figma to Goodwill! Continue reading “cringe purge upon some old stuff!”

short convo copy-paste

With a friend on Ask Scooby:

TFW [that feeling when] you were almost scammed. Almost. Every now and then I need to be reminded that there really are bad people in the world. =(

Think of those who harm you as teachers training your strength, willpower, and restraint. =)

Wow, listen to you, Mr. Brightside! =) It looks good on you. It helps to know that suffering has a purpose in our lives. Even if you don’t know why. Kinda like my when I got my kids vaccinated. I understand this pain they will feel is protecting then from some pretty aweful diseases. All an 18 month old toddler knows is I’m holding her legs still while someone stabs her repeatedly. The “Mama make it stop” look you get will break your heart. But i let it happen because I know that a needle in the leg is nothing when you compare it to the effects of polio or diphtheria.

Aww, thanks! Though I must admit all I’m doing is quoting my doctor and life coach Siddhartha “The Buddha” Gotama and his many, many students such as Thubten Gyatso the 13th Dalai Lama (I’m currently reading the second book from/about him and his life philosophy.) and other “periphery inspirations” like Dr. Carl Jung and of course mah boi Alan Watts.

After 30 years of getting lost in trivialities like video games and Internet trolling to escape from negative nihilism, egoic navel-gazing and self-loathing, torpor and languor, and embracing social dysfunction, I’ve a lot of catching up to do…

And you’re definitely right, pain has its place when viewed with the proper perspective.


I posted the following on Ask Scooby:

How do you respond to people walking up to you and asking for a dollar and such? Do you? Do you tell them you have no money? Do you tell them “I won’t help enable an addiction but I can buy you a sandwich”? Do you direct them to the nearest homeless shelter and/or soup kitchen? Do you carry extra protein bars to give to the needy? Something else?

Not sure if they’d like me to copy-paste their words from a private site to a public blog, so I’ll only bring out my later replies: Continue reading “beggars”