damage report

Appetizer was the combo platter of mozzie sticks, onion rings, mushrooms, and loaded baked potatoes.

Main courses: Beach Burger with sweet potato fries; it had avocado, onions, bacon, and chipotle. And because I knew a mere burger and fries wasn’t gonna fill me, I also had a plate of spinach alfredo quesadillas; it was a very difficult choice between that and teriyaki steak quesadillas.

Then while grocery shopping I did a stupid thing and went down the aissu aisle, thinking I could resist. I couldn’t when I saw four new flavors of that low-calorie, organic ice cream. I’ll need extra cardio to account for this.

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is fat killing you or sugar?


IMO neither:

It’s cheap, chem-lab-synthesized, poor-quality-controlled, addictive-additive-laced fats and sugars and everything else we put in our mouths and on our skin, and a whole lot of them, everywhere.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with, for example, the ground beef in restaurants. It’s when they’re injected with >20 unpronounceable ingredients that turns fast food burgers toxic. And it’s all in the name of saving a few pennies here and there, and I’m willing to bet getting people addicted to their junk so billionaire executives (behind the food industry, advertisers, hospitals, and medical insurance who profit handsomely off a perpetually sick populace) each get to buy five gold-plated Maseratis this quarter instead of four while billions struggle to make ends meet. {/omg-conspiracy-theorist-kill-it}

americans are unhealthy and unhappy; who can blame them?

There’s so much spread misinformation and memes (not just Internet, but mainly the original Richard Dawkins definition of the word ‘meme’ first named [then like so much else, ruined by the Internet] in his book The Selfish Gene) about nutrition and fitness from apparent behind-the-scenes Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt campaigns from junk-food-manufacturers-and-sellers, advertisers & the entertainment industry, and doctors and health insurance that seem to benefit from the peoples’ perpetual poor health and “rich-poor/poor-rich” lifestyles (especially in regards to anti-depressants!) [/conspiracy-theorism] that ma’habocath for one can’t blame the general public (at least here in the Corporate States of FREEDUMBSTANLAND!11!) for not only not knowing better but for the most part being too depressed and/or drugged-up (legally or not) to care or have the time/money/motivation/etc to enact and maintain sweeping fundamental lifestyle changes (for the health of body, mind, spirit, AND finances) that ultimately leave one perpetually-opposed to at least 90% of immediately-surrounding society/conveniences/etc even if they somehow do know better!! [/wheeze-puff]

pea-rotein flaxugar update

Change to this recipe:

• Add one cup coconut sugar

This one change not only makes it taste much better than adding a cup or two of stevia and/or raw cacao, it adds 720 calories of low-GI/-GL simple carbs to round out the energy bomb that is pea-rotein flax.

Now we just need to figure out a method of adding ~500-1000 calories of sat-fats to complete the all-macro picture; some sort of coconut oil that doesn’t harden at low temps?

ma’habocath’s day so far

Today so far…

• Awoke ~9am.
• Chugged kale/protein smoothie, put in a Tupp and left on nightstand.
• Drank a whole bunch of cawfee, made last night and put in thermoses on nightstand.
• Got up, began laundry.
• Rotisseried.
• Showered.
• Finished laundry.
• Breakfast of steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and 3 poached organic eggs.
• Began loaf of bread.
• Left to shop at several places and get a haircut on the other side of town, coming home and leaving again as my backpack filled with groceries.
• Bike chain fell off luckily <10 min walk from bike shop.
• Finally home around 4pm.
• Began making homemade Greek yogurt and pea-rotein flax.
• Now posting to forums and writing Morrowind fanfics while finishing the pea-rotein flax. When this one is done, ma’habocath will install Morrowind and play, play, play, then tomorrow this one will A-RISE, Morrowind, then go to bed for the next work week. 😦