I spent 45 minutes on a lame joke, screwing around with over a dozen ‘animate’ settings, making watching the whole thing a trippy experience even if you have to mute it, if your taste is so terrible that you hate catchy dance-pop, ugh, plebeians… (Note for the overly-literal: that was sarcasm.)

• Guyed asks for “sauce” (in *chan-speak, that’s source, as in, “what’s the source of this thing?”)
• So I put sauce on his post.
• Note the guy is from nihon-land.
• Make him feel welcome with the song of his people.

anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise

I was cleaning out my torrents folder (ahh, feels so good to drop almost 1.5 TB from my second HD) and found a folder called “Anitore!EX” that I don’t remember getting. So I watched the first ep and it was 4 minutes of a girl (who could be anywhere from 11 to 19, because anime) talking excitedly and encouragingly to the audience about how to do pushups and crunches, and wanting to eat ice cream. Plenty of close-ups of her butt, belly, and legs throughout because no show in Japan has a hope in hell of selling if you don’t add boatloads of fanservice.

Here’s the entire first episode and you can easily find the rest (and Anitore!XX, its sequel) on YouTube and/or yarr:

Try not to cringe too hard at the poor thing struggling with half-rep pushups, “those are NOT crunches, dammit!”, “I have earned 600 calories of ice cream after my 20-calorie-burning ‘workout’”, a cutesy little song about doing your cardio, and of course the… ah… see, I’ve watched over 200 anime series so I am entirely numb to all but the worst fanservice (it takes full-frontal nudity for me to go “oh god damn it, Japan”), so what I *shrug* at would probably evoke for the rest of you, as SFDebris put it in his review of Mahromantic, “Jesus fucking Chriiiist… CAN I JUST GET THROUGH AN ANIME WITHOUT WORRYING I’M GOING TO JAIL JUST FOR WATCHING IT?!”

First 12 episodes finished in just under 50 minutes. Oh, after I finished watching I looked it up and this show’s name translates to something like “the training anime” and its plot synopsis is “”Move your soul and body!” Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to become idols will exercise with you, and that troubling body fat percentage will go down by 1000%…!?”. Maybe I downloaded because each episode was four minutes and its theme (exercise) was relevant to my interests. Anyway, episode synopses: Continue reading “anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise”

how it happened

>spent at least 15 years as a heavy metal elitist, and anti-weeaboo grognard, too
>about 4-5 years ago, thanks to Saya no Uta being the straw that broke the camel’s back, gave Japanese cartoons a chance; am now hooked for life
>at about the same time, Magia by Kalafina (ED of Madoka Magica, one of the first anime I watched because it was written by the same author of Saya no Uta and this was shortly after it first finished airing so EVERYONE was raving) showed me the light that non-metal doesn’t automatically mean crappy music!
­>but it took me months time to admit that I liked what I was hearing, to get over my lifelong stance of “it’s not metal, therefore it sucks”
>as a friend says, otakudom forever corrupted my core programming
>anyway, a year or two later, I finally broke down and began listening to stereotypical cutesy-girly anime songs, not just the “normal/adult-sounding” bands/singers like Nana Mizuki, Aoi Eir, and Yoko Hikasa; curse you 3rd ED of Cardcaptor Sakura (Fruits Candy by ??) for being so addictively catchy, paving the way for me unironically enjoying such sugary sweets as sweet&sweet holiday by Printemps years down the road!
>now have playlists with Judas Priest next to k-ON! character songs, Amnesia OSTs next to all ten variations of Snow Halation, and so on Continue reading “how it happened”

main reason this one keeps his mouth shut irl about anime

ma’habocath is very chatty and open about how much he loves the 2D in places like this, and very few select individuals in person. But that is mostly to compensate for how hard he hides his power level at most other times.

Not only because the otakudom he is interested in, well…

Masser: You like anime? Like Dragon Ball Z?

Secunda: Well, no, more like Yuru Yuri and Strike Witches which, while I enjoy for other reasons, mostly involve 14-yo girls doing pseudo-lesbo things with each other for the purposes of comedy and titillating the audience. Did I mention their average age is 14?

Masser: [stares]

Masser: [slowly backs away]

Masser: [pulls out phone] HELP! POLICE! WE HAVE A PEDO!!

…but what if ma’habocath actually meets someone who is as big into anime as himself, who has long moved past entry-level cherry-poppers like Dragon Ball Z? Continue reading “main reason this one keeps his mouth shut irl about anime”

another album update, also maho is mahou

Added overpriced mini-album Bitter Kiss by Aya Uchida, whom ma’habocath discovered — just like he discovers almost all Japanese singers — by investigating the voice actress behind an anime character, in this case the sweet and beautiful Kotori Minami.

This one was less than impressed at first, especially with the accompanying girly-rock. But after several more chances, Aya and friends has grown on ma’habocath, who now appreciates her lovely and passionate vocals very much.

This one looks forward to enjoying more of her work, along with the rest of the voice actresses (all 23 of them!) involved with the Love Live! franchise. Continue reading “another album update, also maho is mahou”

music: spine-shiverers and tear-jerkers!

From a sweat4health forum post so no “khajiitification“.

Heart of Steel by Manowar
○ All aspects, from every direction, this is very definition of manly tears.

• Honorable mentions from Manowar: Gates of Valhalla, Secret of Steel, Warriors of the World. Eric Adams and Quorthon (of Bathory) are my favorite male singers of all time.

Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother by Bathory
○ All 8 minutes are a powerful journey about death in battle and the trip to warrior’s heaven that takes you through ~3:38, with lyrics like “Stricken down, my brother, this was your day / Rest you now, we will meet again”, finally culminating in the part starting at ~5:15 with that eye-punching bass guitar and “Close your eyes, lay still, no more pain / Washed away, your blood, a gentle rain / The blood shed is blood of mine”

Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son by Bathory
○ Not as much as Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother, as only the singing and lyrics of ~3:25-6:42 from the late should-be-heavy-metal-legend, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Thomas Börje “Quorthon” Forsberg is the tear-jerker here, the first part on glorious combat leading up to getting sent to the great hall in the sky by “missing the unseen blow that cut me down from behind”. Continue reading “music: spine-shiverers and tear-jerkers!”