“ratings” of ma’habocath

When this one “rates” a song, band, movie, and so on, he uses the following:

0-star/asterisk/etc) crappy
1) meh
2) decent
3) good
4) great
5) awesome

(Loathers may find this scent familiar.)

As any respectable desert-walker, ma’hab steals this “system” from SFDebris: this one will not rate by some Universal Principle of Good which cannot exist; this one will compare apples to apples.

For example, what this one would arbitrarily tag as awesome Spooky Tunes (music like from Silent Hill or Amnesia, or of the dark ambient/noise genre, or atmospheric/depressive black/doom/drone metal, etc) like Metastatic Resonance by Lustmord or an EPIC Fast/Peppy Anime Song like Strawberry Trapper by Guilty Kiss, would still not be as enjoyable to ma’habocath as even great heavy metal like Resurrection by Halford. But the three cannot truly be compared; they are all enjoyed for what they are.

This clears confusion, one hopes?