ma’habocath has seen the most beautiful eyes on nirn

On cash register, customer comes up to ma’habocath, she looks at this one, ma’hab be like WHOA!, and am again thankful for that apron and front pocket-pouch.

She had to have been wearing color contacts, no way a human being could have that shade of amber-honey-gold naturally. No joke, it was like looking at: Continue reading “ma’habocath has seen the most beautiful eyes on nirn”


another album update, also maho is mahou

Added overpriced mini-album Bitter Kiss by Aya Uchida, whom ma’habocath discovered — just like he discovers almost all Japanese singers — by investigating the voice actress behind an anime character, in this case the sweet and beautiful Kotori Minami.

This one was less than impressed at first, especially with the accompanying girly-rock. But after several more chances, Aya and friends has grown on ma’habocath, who now appreciates her lovely and passionate vocals very much.

This one looks forward to enjoying more of her work, along with the rest of the voice actresses (all 23 of them!) involved with the Love Live! franchise. Continue reading “another album update, also maho is mahou”

music: spine-shiverers and tear-jerkers!

From a sweat4health forum post so no “khajiitification“.

Heart of Steel by Manowar
○ All aspects, from every direction, this is very definition of manly tears.

• Honorable mentions from Manowar: Gates of Valhalla, Secret of Steel, Warriors of the World. Eric Adams and Quorthon (of Bathory) are my favorite male singers of all time.

Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother by Bathory
○ All 8 minutes are a powerful journey about death in battle and the trip to warrior’s heaven that takes you through ~3:38, with lyrics like “Stricken down, my brother, this was your day / Rest you now, we will meet again”, finally culminating in the part starting at ~5:15 with that eye-punching bass guitar and “Close your eyes, lay still, no more pain / Washed away, your blood, a gentle rain / The blood shed is blood of mine”

Death and Resurrection of a Northern Son by Bathory
○ Not as much as Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother, as only the singing and lyrics of ~3:25-6:42 from the late should-be-heavy-metal-legend, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Thomas Börje “Quorthon” Forsberg is the tear-jerker here, the first part on glorious combat leading up to getting sent to the great hall in the sky by “missing the unseen blow that cut me down from behind”. Continue reading “music: spine-shiverers and tear-jerkers!”

thirsty thursday: miho maeshima

ma’habocath finally found a tasteful, SFW photo of the gorgeous porn star Miho Maeshima! Her gaze (And… other things. I’m not talking about them.) was one of this one’s original transmitters for yellow fever, another being Miyabi Isshiki.

Obviously, searching either name would return NSFW results. Continue reading “thirsty thursday: miho maeshima”

thirsty thursday, idol-style

As if the >500 songs from Japanese bands and singers (at least half from anime) weren’t enough motivation to keep learning their language, ma’habocath discovers this, um, what do you call a group of pop-idols? Not a band, this one doesn’t think. Anyway:

Okay, the music is average j-pop and the girls sound like your normal everyday j-pop singers. Or if one is neither into pop nor idols, then this would suck. However… Continue reading “thirsty thursday, idol-style”