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challenge: smile while you lift!

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Keep smiling mid-exercise. It’s harder than it sounds!

Yes, you will look like a total toolbag. Embrace the silly, it’s part of the fun!

Think of it as training your smile muscles. Also, smiling can make you happy maybe; are you smiling because you’re happy, or are you happy because you’re smiling? Let’s find out. Do it for science. And happiness. The world needs more happy.

By the way, cheerleaders and idols (singer-dancers) must do this. Are you less hardcore than scrawny, cutesy little girly-girls?

dare you

pink belly admission

Sometimes, alone and in unguarded moments, this one cannot help bracing and bashing his belly, for no other reason than to think, “Man does ma’habocath have a tight tummy!” Feels nice to have rock-hard abs after a lifetime of jelly-buns.

Now if only this one could do something about the stretch marks and loose skin besides waiting patiently, or surgery, or both…

workout tryout I

Today I tried a slight alteration to prior home workouts:

  1. One set of an upper-body lift. (or something else that doesn’t hit legs too hard; mine are worked enough 3-4 hours every week!) Warm-up.
  2. Another set of some other upper-body lift etc. Warm-up.
  3. Repeat 1-2, except heavy weight.
  4. Three rotisserie rotations, un-weighted from now on; otherwise far too hard on my elbows which I found out the hard way. And it’s much quicker un-weighted; I feel my core is worked hard enough as-is.
  5. Repeat 3.
  6. Repeat 1-2; cool-down.

Today my “uppahs” were dumbbell flyes and barbell hip thrusts, warm-ups 50-lb & 2×20-lb, heavy 100 & 2×40; cool-downs 70 & 2×30.

Tomorrow I shall switch uppahs with pullups (blue resistance band, my arms am not yet strong enough to do a pullup un-asssisted) and barbell curls.

Edit several hours later: Ow ow ow my back! Looks like jumping straight up the weight for hip thrusts was not a good idea. Maybe I should skip those as I don’t need a bigger bum. It’ll be a while for my back to recover from lifting boxes all stupid a week before this.