my ice has arrive

I lied; couldn’t wait ’til tonight to share this; how appropriate that this song was what happened to be shuffled to:

2017-06-23 14.31.24

…I was intending to take refugee in the Three Jewels once this arrived, but a little reading along the way proves that this cannot be done alone. Drat. Well, there’s this one place a ways away from home so maybe, hopefully, someday, I can make this Buddhism thing “official”… ah well, this leaves me plenty more time to learn what I’m getting myself into!


I spent 45 minutes on a lame joke, screwing around with over a dozen ‘animate’ settings, making watching the whole thing a trippy experience even if you have to mute it, if your taste is so terrible that you hate catchy dance-pop, ugh, plebeians… (Note for the overly-literal: that was sarcasm.)

• Guyed asks for “sauce” (in *chan-speak, that’s source, as in, “what’s the source of this thing?”)
• So I put sauce on his post.
• Note the guy is from nihon-land.
• Make him feel welcome with the song of his people.

is quality paramount? or even to be considered?

First, let’s leave aside the obvious fact that no artform’s quality can nor should be objectively quantified; that subject has been beaten to death. Now then…

I have a habit of hitting Next, Next, Next on my MP3 player depending on my mood; most of the time I’m just not satisfied with whatever it throws at me. On one of my breaks, one song I passed over at that time was Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother by Bathory, but when it landed on Mermaid Festa Vol.1 (Kotori Mix) I let it play. Despite remembering the inability to quantify quality, I am confident in stating that there likely is no human being on Earth who, listening to both, could possibly say Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother (with its themes of brotherhood, glories and horrors of battle, loss, afterlife…) is worse than Mermaid Festa Vol. 1 — whether we’re speaking of the original or solo’d by one of the µ’s, this one the only out of the entire Love Live! discography IMO where all ten versions are worth keeping around; not even Snow Halation can survive the tedium of the vocals of Nozomi and Nico.

And yet, at that moment I chose to listen to Kotori’s nasally, shrill singing (Aya Uchida sounds so much better in her natural tone) along to a cheerful “seaside dance beat” full of flirty lyrics over the powerful, operatic Quorthon buoying this masterfully-crafted monolith of heavy metal’s supremacy as a musical genre.

Now why is that? Continue reading “is quality paramount? or even to be considered?”

please don’t use hershey’s nor nestle cocoa

I care about ya, man. I don’t wanna see you suffer. So in the name of the Bodhisattva Vow I tell you, if you’re gonna use cocoa powder please stay away from these:

Please don’t do this to yourself. Instead, try this. Continue reading “please don’t use hershey’s nor nestle cocoa”

anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise

I was cleaning out my torrents folder (ahh, feels so good to drop almost 1.5 TB from my second HD) and found a folder called “Anitore!EX” that I don’t remember getting. So I watched the first ep and it was 4 minutes of a girl (who could be anywhere from 11 to 19, because anime) talking excitedly and encouragingly to the audience about how to do pushups and crunches, and wanting to eat ice cream. Plenty of close-ups of her butt, belly, and legs throughout because no show in Japan has a hope in hell of selling if you don’t add boatloads of fanservice.

Here’s the entire first episode and you can easily find the rest (and Anitore!XX, its sequel) on YouTube and/or yarr:

Try not to cringe too hard at the poor thing struggling with half-rep pushups, “those are NOT crunches, dammit!”, “I have earned 600 calories of ice cream after my 20-calorie-burning ‘workout’”, a cutesy little song about doing your cardio, and of course the… ah… see, I’ve watched over 200 anime series so I am entirely numb to all but the worst fanservice (it takes full-frontal nudity for me to go “oh god damn it, Japan”), so what I *shrug* at would probably evoke for the rest of you, as SFDebris put it in his review of Mahromantic, “Jesus fucking Chriiiist… CAN I JUST GET THROUGH AN ANIME WITHOUT WORRYING I’M GOING TO JAIL JUST FOR WATCHING IT?!”

First 12 episodes finished in just under 50 minutes. Oh, after I finished watching I looked it up and this show’s name translates to something like “the training anime” and its plot synopsis is “”Move your soul and body!” Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to become idols will exercise with you, and that troubling body fat percentage will go down by 1000%…!?”. Maybe I downloaded because each episode was four minutes and its theme (exercise) was relevant to my interests. Anyway, episode synopses: Continue reading “anitore ex = anime that teaches the viewer how to exercise”