cutting frozen salmon

Or: this is what happens when you let men in the kitchen.


dialing back the ‘cringe-purge’ just a little

I TRIED to mostly get away from cringy weeb stuff, but some music is just too good to get away from.

guess I can keep a few albums around so long as the singer sounds like a woman and not a little girl (eg Aoi EirAya Uchida) or at least has a few songs good enough to overlook a youthful voice (eg Yui Makino), AND the album doesn’t have a cartoon cover or is too cutesy/poppy so nobody needs to know that a particular singer is also an anime voice actress and/or has done a few anime theme/credit song and/or character songs. =) Continue reading “dialing back the ‘cringe-purge’ just a little”

my ice has arrive

I lied; couldn’t wait ’til tonight to share this; how appropriate that this song was what happened to be shuffled to:

2017-06-23 14.31.24

…I was intending to take refugee in the Three Jewels once this arrived, but a little reading along the way proves that this cannot be done alone. Drat. Well, there’s this one place a ways away from home so maybe, hopefully, someday, I can make this Buddhism thing “official”… ah well, this leaves me plenty more time to learn what I’m getting myself into!


I spent 45 minutes on a lame joke, screwing around with over a dozen ‘animate’ settings, making watching the whole thing a trippy experience even if you have to mute it, if your taste is so terrible that you hate catchy dance-pop, ugh, plebeians… (Note for the overly-literal: that was sarcasm.)

• Guyed asks for “sauce” (in *chan-speak, that’s source, as in, “what’s the source of this thing?”)
• So I put sauce on his post.
• Note the guy is from nihon-land.
• Make him feel welcome with the song of his people.

71 Creepy YouTube Channels

ReignBot's Morning Pages

  1. Blue Lavasix:
  2. CZsWorld:
  3. Kouta KnifeEMOji:
  4. Strawberry Nightmare:
  5. Nightmare Expo:
  6. Morbid Minds:
  7. Hotel Room 103:
  8. CrowSidious:
  9. David Romero:
  10. Jacqueline Nym:
  11. Bloodbath and Beyond:
  12. Hidden Voices:
  13. The Paranormal Scholar:
  14. Goodnite Goosebumps:
  15. The Haunted Broadcast:
  16. The Hollow Gentleman:
  17. That Spooky Guy:
  18. NightmareApes:
  19. Southern Cannibal:
  20. Dark Fire Productions:
  21. Atomic Thomas:
  22. TheEvilOutcast:
  23. Adrian Harlet:
  24. BumpInTheNight:
  25. LonelyDark:
  26. Sir Psycho:
  27. Dark Voices:
  28. Fearagen:
  29. Blackeyed Blonde:
  30. Macabre Callings:
  31. Auntie Creeps:
  32. Nico Wonderdust:
  33. Ole Uncle Ben:
  34. PhantomOfDarkness:
  35. Jay Autumn:
  36. Mother CreepyPasta:
  37. DeadlyHorror 101:
  38. Duchess Dark:
  39. X Dreams:
  40. Nightmares Before Bedtime:
  41. TheBlueSiren:
  42. The Shadow Sneak:
  43. Creep Street:
  44. Pink Spooky:
  45. Devin Seviyn:
  46. Scared Kid Nancy:
  47. Annie Chan:
  48. Jessica Keller: 
  49. Creepy Elliot:
  50. Spooky…

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