are americans ugly?

This has been bothering ma’habocath for a long time.

Compared to the rest of the world, are we a bunch of uggos? 😦

This one used to think it was just where he grew up (northern midwest) that only maybe 1 in 100 could be considered attractive (male or female), but looking at photos from most other places here, and comparing them to what’s apparently ‘common’ elsewhere (especially outside the “British Empire”) and reading stories of expat Americans, that we are apparently the weird ones in that pretty people are the minority!

Is it something in the water? All the lack of education, misinformation, etc. about fitness and nutrition? All the addictive artificial ingredients and overload of drugs to treat and cure this, that, and the other most of us are hooked on from an early age? Our apparent hostility towards healthy lifestyles? All of the above? Something else? Something more?

And no, ma’habocath is not comparing ‘average’ Americans to exotic actresses and porn stars.

Real Japanese Ladies Oh Yeah

Even this complete weeaboo is not so clueless as to expect to run into the above walking the streets of Tokyo, no matter how much ma’habocath wants to believe.

By the way, in looking for a screenshot of the cutehot Maho Matsunaga up there, this one managed to catch that “blink and you miss it” booty-shake from all four of those sexy idols in the start of that music video:

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You’re welcome.


Author: ma'habocath

ma'habocath knows some, tells much. ma'habocath knows few things others do. This one is a live-alone, full-time burger-flipper with an odd mind and too much to say. ma'hab always tries the best ma'hab can to keep up: • Chores • Bodybuilding and other health-nuttery • Japanese language studies • Culinary experimentation (see “other health-nuttery”) • Exploration of newfound spiritual territory • Exploration of my Self • Figuring out how to socialize well enough, mostly face-to-face • Backlogs: books, heavy metal, anime • Blogging, chatting, texting, and talking to whomever will listen about all of the above

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