cringe purge upon some old stuff!

Pt 1.

Anything to do with anime; be it toys, posters, or CD’s; are going bye-bye just like my handful of Mighty Thor stuff. The latter went to my dad and the former is going to my new otaku friend — anything she doesn’t want… well, this stuff seems too good to go to Goodwill, but there are local resale shops in town I could probably drop these off to. Doesn’t seem right to give $90 figma to Goodwill!

2017-07-13 22.30.39.jpg

As for my CD collection, not only did I apply ol’ Cringe Purge, but anything that’s all ’bout dat violence and/or lust is also on its way out. First pic is what was left; you’d think Bathory and Final Sign would be nothing but murderdeath but Hold High The Flame feels like it has deeper meanings than just fighting and so forth, and Nordland I is just too amazing an album to give up and unlike Nordland II and Blood Fire Death is more naturey and such and not mere kill-em-all. Arguably Nordland II is just as naturey but I don’t like it nearly as much as the first!



I was torn on keeping those Nana Mizuki discs because unlike many J-Pop stars I listen to her because she (like Aoi Eir, , and the trio of Kalafina) a great singer and not just because her voice is great for my erection (like Yoko Hikasa, Mimori Suzuko, and the girls from StylipS — no matter how much I love songs like Honey Groove, StylipS are far too sexualized to keep them around for fear of triggering the strongest form of the first of the Five Hindrances — yes, ALL craving for external sensual pleasure of any kind is of the First Hindrance, but one step at a time… and total abstinence certainly isn’t the Middle Way*) or because “d’aww she sounds sooo kyoot I wanna hug her <3”(which is another form of craving) like Emi Nitta and Yui Makino. But I only got Supernal Liberty because of Appassionato, and that wasn’t worth buying a whole CD of mostly generic pop for, and Massive Wonders is a single for an anime song and even the song Pray isn’t enough to keep a disc around for. I should’ve got Rockbound Neighbors or something. Lesson learned.

Furthermore I really really really wanted to keep Pax Vesania not only because that thing cost me over $70 but because it’s a damn good album… but Yui Itsuki’s baby voice is cringe even if the rest of the music is awesome, therefore purged. And Aoi Eir’s Prayer is also an awesome album that also cost me over $70 but with that anime cover it’s covered as cringe and therefore purged.

Plus, despite how much it all hurts, this (along with getting rid of over $200 of non-musical anime merch) helps train my detachment from material value: Buddha bonus! Not to mention donating and gifting and giving all this away can’t not count as a slight accrual of meritorious karma. Just what I need to help push me towards a happier rebirth. (As I really doubt I have much time left [plus my life situation I can’t find any meaningful means of extricating myself from] to walk far enough along the Eightfold Path to learn The Truth and find Liberation, for the rest of this I’ll do what little I can in between work, chores, navel-gazing and the mindless, lazy fun I’m addicted to to work towards a better life next time, and hopefully by discovering the dharma in this temporary grouping of Five Aggregates I am planting karmic seeds towards perhaps being reborn as a Nepalese monk or something.)

Well that got depressing fast. Anyway, last pic I’ll find a CD store to drop these off at or something. Again, this stuff’s just too good for Goodwill.

2017-07-13 22.43.02

Lastly, somewhat relatedly, I am deleting all music from my playlists that I did not purchase: if I didn’t rip those tracks from CD’s I own, those files are now gone. Despite the fact that infringement is not theft, that not only study after study but a simple application of common sense proves those who claim piracy is negatively impacting profits are either mistaken or engaging in alarmism (and are putting their feet in their mouths by taking the moral high ground while lying), and that I am not losing sleep at all by (even if the prior point were true) taking the 99% of profits out of the pockets of mostly corrupt corporate bigwigs, I’ll still consider it immoral and a violation of the second precept. This also means I’m deleting all my torrented software, movies, and anime. (So I’ll never finish Idolm@ster. Ah well, Love Live! was better in every way anyway.) I’ll still stream (ie YouTube) but not rip, and if I really like it I’ll buy it, and I’ll still pirate to try-before-I-buy (why not? you can listen to music in a store before walking out with the album, right?) because I’m not getting another Supernal Liberty!

In other words, I’m gonna need to rebuild my collection… even if that means further attachment to material goods and pleasures but, again, I just don’t have the Śraddhā to shake my various laziness and addictions to make it to the Bodhi finish line in this life. So yeah, time to add a bunch of non-violent metal like Blut Aus Nord to my wish-list, along with “positive” brutality like much of Venom’s Hammerhead, and furthermore non-cringy j-pop like… like… well, if Spring Is Here by Sphere didn’t have that cutesy pink album art… and Yui Makino’s baby voice weren’t so, well, baby voice despite so much of her music being of the most peaceful songs on Earth… (I can scarcely listen to Jasmine and Brand New Sky without tearing up. But several of her songs are from anime, and anime is cringe [like Kalafina, Nana Mizuki, and Aoi Eir granted, but they sound like adults so that, case-by-case, can be enough to ‘counter-act’], and you know what must be done with cringe!) But BAND-MAID need to be part of my musical collection post-haste!

* Now, Buddha said, then, duhkha comes from trishna. You all suffer because you cling to the world, and you don’t recognize that the world is anitya and anatman. So then, try, if you can, not to grasp. Well, do you see that that immediately poses a problem? Because the student who has started off this dialog with the buddha then makes various efforts to give up desire. Upon which he very rapidly discovers that he is desiring not to desire, and he takes that back to the teacher, who says ‘Well, well, well.’ He said, ‘Of course. You are desiring not to desire, and that’s of course excessive. All I want you to do is to give up desiring as much as you can. Don’t want to go beyond the point of which you’re capable.’ And for this reason Buddhism is called the Middle Way. Not only is it the middle way between the extremes of ascetic discipline and pleasure seeking, but it’s also the middle way in a very subtle sense. Don’t desire to give up more desire than you can. And if you find that a problem, don’t desire to be successful in giving up more desire than you can. You see what’s happening? Every time he’s returned to the middle way, he’s moved out of an extreme situation.

Pt 3.


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