put onion powder and cream of tartar into broccoli soup

Because it works. Makes it delightfully tart.

2017-07-21 17.29.42.jpg

You probably won’t also be adding oatmeal, peanut butter, and flaxseed, but whatever works for you.


who wants to answer a 370-question psyche test?

MMPI-2, find out your major malfunction.


Just paste the text in wordpad or notepad and “save as” with a ‘.html’ file extension, open the page, take the test, and post your results below. Here are mine (and no I have no idea what any of this means): Continue reading “who wants to answer a 370-question psyche test?”

copy-pasting today’s exercise from my S4H progress diary

Oh hey I did a single rotisserie rotation and a few 5-7 blue-band pullups today! Not much more as even this little bit was making the bones of my lower spine grind painfully but it’s a re-start. Decided to try chanting “om mani padme hum” (deep breath, 3-4 mantra-chants, repeat [this takes at least five seconds]) instead of counting the seconds; yay, two birds with one stone!

~3 hours of mindless blogging later:

I just spent ~12:30 on my Schwinn Biodyne, intending to do ~25 min for cardio. I’ve been out so long that I was ready to give up before I hit the 5 minute mark! I spent the last five minutes in my computer chair panting and feeling my heart and lungs lowering from white-hot burning to glowing ash embers. Yeeow. And I did this right after ~15 minutes meditating. How fun! And near the end I was trying to see how many “om mani padme hum’s” I could say and past the 10m mark I couldn’t even finish “padme”!

Okay, it’s been 10 minutes, I can walk again without limping, my chair is soaked, so be right back ice cold shower (second one today) to douse the flames off my quads.

And now back to my regularly-scheduled program of pointless navel-gazing, attention-whoring, and music-cherry-picking.

dialing back the ‘cringe-purge’ just a little

I TRIED to mostly get away from cringy weeb stuff, but some music is just too good to get away from.

guess I can keep a few albums around so long as the singer sounds like a woman and not a little girl (eg Aoi EirAya Uchida) or at least has a few songs good enough to overlook a youthful voice (eg Yui Makino), AND the album doesn’t have a cartoon cover or is too cutesy/poppy so nobody needs to know that a particular singer is also an anime voice actress and/or has done a few anime theme/credit song and/or character songs. =) Continue reading “dialing back the ‘cringe-purge’ just a little”