more 1-min nonsense, pg 72

“You listen,” said the Master, “not to discover, but to find something that confirms your own thoughts. You argue not to find the Truth but to vindicate your thinking.”

And he told of a king who, passing through a small town, saw indications of amazing marksmanship everywhere. Trees and barns and fences had circles painted on them with a bullet hole through th eexacty center. He asked to see this unusual marksman. It turned out to be a ten-year-old child.

“This is incredible,” said the king in wonder,. “How in th world do you do it?”

“Easy as pie,” was the answer. “I shoot first and draw the circles later.”

“So you get your conclusions first and build your premises around them later,” said the Master. “Isn’t that the way you manage to hold on to your religion and to your ideology?”

From More One Minute Nonsense by Anthony de Mello.


more 1-min nonsense, pg 3

A disciple complained about the Master’s habit of knocking down all his cherished beliefs.

Said the Master:

“I set fire to the temple of your beliefs, for when it is destroyed you will  have an unimpeded view of the vast, unbounded sky.”

From More One Minute Nonsense by Anthony de Mello.