which makes more scents: potpourri or baking soda?

See photo below; I’ve five of these strategically placed around my apartment and plan to add potpourri or baking soda to make for spreading good smells or absorbing bad smells, respectively. But which?

I figure mixing the two (or putting two in the same room) would counter-act each-others’ effects much like running a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room.

Maybe three or four (living room, dining room, bedroom, and maybe kitchen) can be potpourri and in the bathroom (and maybe kitchen) baking soda? Continue reading “which makes more scents: potpourri or baking soda?”


where may this one acquire these things the cheapest?

2017-07-10 09.32.56.jpg

(“Permanent” household stuff like trash bins, laundry hampers, pillows [which I forgot to write down before photographing, along with: mop, broom, dust pan], toilet seat, fridge magnets, big-big-big cork boards [or whatever I can stick a huge bunch of posters and such onto with thumbtacks], etc.)

A friend suggested most of these may be acquired on the cheap at Dollar Tree/Store but I wanna ask around here, too. =)