“self-help” book recommendations

(Not a self-help book, but for you more sciency and intellectual types, this should help you understand the mindset of more artistic and spiritual people. A brilliant [and if more people listen, potentially revolutionary] viewpoint and mental-structure that legitimizes emotion as just another type of thinking [of a “low-focus” form, whereas “high-focus” results in logic, math, abstractions, etc.] rather than the typical strict separation of thought and feeling prevalent among cognitive scientists and philosophers of mind.)


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defeated by literature…

Ever picked up a book, and only a few pages in said, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS SOMEBODY HAAALP!!” then throw it and run screaming? This happened to me with:

2017-05-25 17.05.24

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VI gratitude of ma’habocath

This one is grateful for computers and Internet.

It has been ma’habocath’s constant companion, his ever-changing blue nowhere, his library, his battleground, his prime source of awe and hate, his escape, his prison, his key to freedom.

Thanks, all you anonymous cowards for the attention, the arguments, the accolades, and all other manner of fun times in absence of such in-person.

And all the movies and television and music he’d never have known; without the Internet, ma’hab might still think Marilyn Manson and Korn “heavy metal”, and Stephen King the top horror writer ever. Oh boy were ma’hab’s teen years an embarrassment. At least this one can still consider Final Fantasy Tactics and III (will always be three to me!) the best in the series.