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Books: Western Spirituality & Philosophy
The Golden Ass A man accidentally initiates into the Mysteries of Isis, by being changed into a donkey. Sounds funny–as John Lash writes in The Seeker’s Handbook: “comic treatment of a profound experience”–and serves as truthism against taking the art & discipline of Spiritual Seeking too seriously.
Walden The famous journal of Henry David Thoreau’s retreat into a cabin in the woods of 19th century America.
Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson From The Seeker’s Handbook: “The eloquent expressions of a deep and practical thinker, on the philosophy of individualism, reverence for nature, self-reliance, moral responsibility, destiny, and purpose…They should be read and pondered by everyone who is inclined to turn away from our Western way of life because of its apparent superficiality…The philosophy of rugged individualism at its taproots.”
Phaedrus & Symposium From The Seeker’s Handbook: “Of all the Platonic dialogues, these two are by far the most accessible and entertaining…Exploring the themes of Beauty, Love, and Divine Inspiration…Quest of the Western spirit to understand and experience the true nature of love, both human and divine. This is philosophy (literally, the ‘love of wisdom’) captured at its flowering…”
Parzival Perhaps the most famous retelling of “…the ultimate Western adventure, the quest for the Holy Grail.” (The Seeker’s Handbook, again) starring the “Holy Fool” Parzival and his bumbling quest that may be one of the best ways to illustrate the key difference: whereas the East is primarily about uncovering who you really are to free yourself (and sometimes everyone else, too) from the illusion/apparition of the world and humanity (because deep down you are no one special), Western religion/literature at its core is about saving/redeeming the world and everyone in it. (Discovering/making/rebuilding your destiny/uniqueness/self along the way optional.)
Dionysius the Areopagite: The Complete Works Perhaps the most profound and brutally repressed expressions of Judeo-Christian mysticism, or as Catholics would call it: heresy.
Homeric Hymns Greek myths about Hermes, Athena, Zeus, Hera, and Pan “…who may be considered to be the directing spiritual impulses behind Western thought and culture. Here is the first full portrayal of Jung’s archetypes of the collective unconscious, our oldest spiritual ancestors of the West.” —The Seeker’s Handbook.
The Divine Comedy Beyond the Bible itself, one of THE greatest influences on Christianity (and thereby Western civilization) as a whole.
Faust, Part One & Part Two Beyond the Bible itself, one of THE greatest influences on Christianity (and thereby Western Civilization) as a whole.
Epic of Gilgamesh The earliest fictional tale/poem we have yet to find.
Popol Vuh: The Mayan Book of The Dawn of Life and The Glories of Gods and Kings Creation myth of one of the largest Native American cultures. Freaky-creepy fairy tale for adults.

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