gift ideas: old books about spirituality, eastern

Please don’t buy books for ma’hab; he has plenty right now, thank you!

Bolded is a must-own for ma’hab, please-please? zffrp

Books: Eastern Spirituality & Philosophy
The I Ching Workbook This one wishes to perform divinations as have the Chinese for millenia.
The Way Of Life, According To Lao-Tzu The ancient Chinese wisdom of Taoism (at least 4000 years and probably a lot older). This translation looks more austere and poetic compared to the “for newbs” one ma’hab already owns; it’s great, but this one wants to make his own interpretations instead of having his paw held.
The Conference of the Birds Iranian/Persian story: “Enchanting description of a wild menagerie of birds on a pilgrimage to the throne of God, sharing tales and dialogues that express the elusive and wondrous nuances of Sufi mysticism. Full of extravagant whimsy, colorful and amusing, even–or especially–at its deepest. A kind of Sufi version of The Canterbury Tales…” –The Seeker’s Handbook by John Lash
The Zen Teachings of Bodhidarma More Zen.
The Zen Teachings of Huang Po MORE ZEN!
The Way of Chuang Tzu More ancient Chinese wisdom of Taoism. The one ma’hab has is very “scholarly” which is a huge headache to peruse, and this translation looks more austere and poetic.
The Diamond & Heart Sutras The heart and diamond of Buddhism.
The Upanishads More-or-less the Bible of Hinduism.
The Bhagavad Gita The most popular excerpt of the “world’s longest poem” from India.
Tibetan Book of the Dead Buddhism freaky-creepy style.
Confucius: The Great Digest, Unwobbling Pivot, Analects The Yang side to Taoism’s (Lao-Tzu & Chuang-Tzu) Yin of the coin of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Last Update: 12/07/17
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