wait, this is instagram, right?

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Due to dietary woes* (holy kusula cross-posting, Ratnamansambhava!) I’m gonna start with something like this twice or thrice a week.

Even paying $6-8/lb for wild-caught, non-preservative-pumped salmon is cheaper than the result of my willpower cracking from boring eats all week: sudden $20-40 pizza/Chinese delivery because bored at home!! Not to mention a magnitude of 108 better for my health. Yes, I’m more concerned over my grocery bill…

* Below is the post I put on Sweat4Health regarding this:

Because a near-total liquid diet consisting of either 3-5 lb/day microwave-mushy or (in the past few weeks) soupy broccoli and tons of Greek yogurt, flax, peanut butter, and oatmeal is NOT keeping my hunger at bay. This is why I keep cracking and ordering $30 of random stuff from Domino’s or the local cheap Chinese food once or twice per weekend, and that’s gotta stop for many reasons.

SO, I’m going to stop jumping through so many hoops to shovel 3-5 lb broccoli down my throat in a desperate attempt at hunger control (which for some reason does NOT work for me like it apparently does with most the fine folk here) and try… well, here are a few off the cuff ideas I came up with:

If I can arrange to be driven or borrow a car once a month to go to the Costco nearly a 45-minute drive away, here are some things I’m thinking of making for my five work days:

• 3-4lb chicken breast, ~1/2 to 3/4 lb/day twice a day (two work breaks)
• ~5 lb of some sort of higher-calorie veggie like peas and/or corn; mixed in a Tupp (~1 lb, twice a day etc.) with the chx
• Between breaks… maybe… I dunno, homemade protein bars made somehow that I wouldn’t even have to chew to get in me (it gets THAT busy at work!) or… maybe… protein shake or something… I have to think about this one
• I still intend to make some sort of something-or-other (protein powder + flax + PB?) to wrap in sushi seaweed. Maybe this between work breaks?
• Since my teeth have gotten mostly better, it’s time to start baking bread again, and bring this to work and dip it in Greek yogurt– or maybe do this before work as a pre-bike-to-work meal…

• Once or twice a week, salmon.
• Figure out what to do about broccoli.. maybe sautee/al dente in organic butter or coconut oil enough to last 5 days as another part of work lunch? Because mushifying/liquifying vast quantities of broccoli is NOT working for Hunger Management.

Hopefully much or all of the above won’t be so much a pain in the arse to make once a week, or spread out across a few days, because right now it takes 5-10 hours per week for meal prep and that’s gotta stop!

I know it’ll be more expensive to re-introduce organic meat into my diet, and it’ll take longer to eat un-mushed/un-liquified veggies, but hopefully it’ll be tasty enough that I won’t be craving a trip to Wing Street so strongly, which may reduce grocery costs overall.

And I’m REALLY REALLY hoping I can work this around my Persistent Problem of “hunger-knock” that makes me nauseatingly hungry and/or feeling like fainting every 30-90 minutes if I don’t eat immediately (which can’t be normal; but doctors can’t find anything wrong OFC)…


Author: ma'habocath

ma'habocath knows some, tells much. ma'habocath knows few things others do. This one is a live-alone, full-time burger-flipper with an odd mind and too much to say. ma'hab always tries the best ma'hab can to keep up: • Chores • Bodybuilding and other health-nuttery • Japanese language studies • Culinary experimentation (see “other health-nuttery”) • Exploration of newfound spiritual territory • Exploration of my Self • Figuring out how to socialize well enough, mostly face-to-face • Backlogs: books, heavy metal, anime • Blogging, chatting, texting, and talking to whomever will listen about all of the above

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