Okay fine, I’ll take this seriously.

  • 11a, get out of bed, dazed and bleh.
  • Drink protein powder and maca root.
  • Turn on PC, check hours for that restaurant I was planning to go to today.
  • Drat, opens at 4p! Planned to go there and do other stuff afterwards. Gotta kill time, then.
  • Drag self around house, nothing caffeinated so still in a rather bad mood from the past several crappy days.
  • Nasty thoughts swirling the mind as I force myself to get dressed then go out the door and walk (bike in shop. again.) down town.
  • On the way, stop at a local coffee shop.
  • Don’t really know the differences between “cappuccino”, “latte”, etc. but do know enough that “espresso” = strong. So I order under the Espresso menu a Hammerhead, Triple-Shot.
  • Tiny amount, very strong stuff, and within 5 minutes feels like I get a kick in the head! Like shotgunning four Rock Stars! As I leave I take with me a vanilla latte and a blueberry-apricot scone and now I understand why people pay $5 for cup of coffee. Also attempt making awkward small talk with the cute teenage barista. I am no longer in a foul mood.
  • I wander around the local open-air mall for about an hour. Almost all are clothes shops and places for food, but I just had a crap ton of caffeine so I won’t be hungry for quite some time. I do stop at the book store and pick up the following:

2017-06-01 19.51.34

  • So, some light reading on Buddhism, a longer book on Taoism “for the modern American”, and a shorter piece by what sounds like your average angry militant atheist, a cursory reading revealing that the author apparently thinks of Christians and Muslims as “delusional fuckwits” and so on. Hey, always good to keep an open mind for opposing viewpoints, especially if they’re entertaining!
  • Wander around the open air mall for about 45 minutes, wishing I had put on more comfy shoes instead of picking the grey sneakers for no other reason than they matched my grey cargoes and grey silk polo. Hey, I may not be that fashionable but I at least know how to color-match!
  • Walk on to the beach. Read the Buddhist book for a while, stealing glances at nearby suntan-lotion-oiled butts every so often. Thank Brahman for sunglasses!


  • Start getting hungry around 2:30 and am tempted to pick up a gyro and a mixed drink at the beachside cafe but am adamant on staying hungry for that steakhouse when it opens at 4!
  • An hour later start walking towards the steakhouse, only now realizing I should probably unequip my big, honking sneakers (that make me roughly an inch and a half taller than I am normally) when walking across hundreds of feet of sand. Typical blond.
  • And then I eat like a monster.
  • Of course I have to buy the most expensive stuff. But boy was that rack of lamb SO GOOD. Too bad the mozzie sticks were the same generic stuff everywhere else has, so to indulge what I’ve been craving for weeks now I had to stop by Rally’s on the way home and pick up their garlic parm mozzarella sticks which are the best mozzies ever. Oh and had better luck with the small talk with the older waitress, much more talkative than a 90-lb tanned blond.
  • Oh yeah forgot to mention I spent like $22 at the coffee shop (I also picked up 1/2 lb of ‘Lake Effect’ beans, their strongest stuff) and those three books were ~$17. This is why I don’t go out much, why I usually sequester myself in front of a glowing plastic box on weekends. But that gets real lonely sometimes.
  • Later on I realized, something else I wanted to do was visit that local ice cream shop for at least a year (I’ve passed by it probably 400 times since I began living here).
  • So I walk a mile from the beach, check the hours, see it’ll stay open until 8, go back to the beach and sit and read for a few more hours while the big meal digested.
  • You can see my calves from here!
  • Then I go to the local ice cream shop, where I learn it’s poor form to mention big chains like Dairy Queen in front of a local storeowner. She went on and on about how their stuff is made of “real” such and so and gave me several examples in rapid succession including “a taste of pure sin”: butter strawberry. But I left with cotton candy, pina colada, Girl Scouts mint, and s’mores. Also a Barq’s root beer (because I haven’t even seen one for several years) and a non-alcoholic sangria. The storeowner told me I gotta come back for lunch next time — and I promised to have one of their burritos!
  • Then on the way home I picked up those Rally’s mozzie sticks, telling the overworked order-taker she needs to work at my place as she’d fit right in, and then because I wanted to compare I also got a Dairy Queen cotton candy blizzard. I’ve yet to have either of the ice creams but I’ll report later.  Update: the local cotton candy is superior to Dairy Queen’s.
  • Today cost well over $100 and probably gonna gain 5 lbs. Time to spend the rest of my weekend stuffing myself with broccoli and egg whites while hitting the treadmill and stationary bike while watching hours of idolm@ster! …after I do dishes and laundry and batch-cooking next week’s work lunches!
  • But next time: I better wear better shoes.

    Update six hours later: jogged about three miles. Bike in shop so walking would’ve taken too long, so I tried jogging and I made it! Granted, it was to get more junk food because Mr. Piggu but hey, I burned maybe 1/4 the calories…


Author: ma'habocath

ma'habocath knows some, tells much. ma'habocath knows few things others do. This one is a live-alone, full-time burger-flipper with an odd mind and too much to say. ma'hab always tries the best ma'hab can to keep up: • Chores • Bodybuilding and other health-nuttery • Japanese language studies • Culinary experimentation (see “other health-nuttery”) • Exploration of newfound spiritual territory • Exploration of my Self • Figuring out how to socialize well enough, mostly face-to-face • Backlogs: books, heavy metal, anime • Blogging, chatting, texting, and talking to whomever will listen about all of the above

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