ma’habocath’s most inspiring otaku material

(Copied from a thread on S4H, so no “khajiitification“.)

Hajime No Ippo. Keep fighting, no matter how much it hurts. Get back up, for one day you may. Also, the value of training hard. Furthermore, great macho-man music if you’re into rock.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Have faith in the raw power of manliness to overcome the odds. If you can’t or won’t, believe in your brothers who believe in you! Also, re-read first two lines about Hajime No Ippo, above. Furthermore, great macho-man music if you’re into rock and/or rap.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
Re-read first two lines of Hajime No Ippo. You know what. That message covers pretty much every shounen/seinen (ie, its target audience is young boys/men) that can be summed up as “this episode: they fought some guy/gal/monster” (eg DBZ, Sailor Moon), so I won’t list the dozen or so more I’ve seen that basically say the same. Furthermore, its opening themes are superb, beaten only by the soundtrack of Symphogear. (Both spearheaded by the powerful, beautiful vocals of  Nana Mizuki, the world’s reigning queen of pop-rock.)

Aria. (Its anime superior to its manga, but watch and read both.) The world is wonderful, and so is humanity. You just have to look and see. And all sorts of little life lessons spelled out for you at the end of most episodes/chapters. Also, read last line of Hajime no Ippo and first two lines of Love Live!, below. Furthermore, read about Non Non Biyori, below. Finally, it has perhaps the most calming music ever made for television, centered mostly around the gentle, sweet voice of Yui Makino. You are dared to listen to her songs without choking up. The point I’m trying to make with all this, is Aria ought be medically-classified as treatment for depression and anxiety; I can personally attest to this show’s (and comic’s) drug-like hypnotic effect. Aria will teach you to love life again.

Love Live! Follow your dreams, no matter how much it hurts. Get back up, for one day you may. Also singing and dancing is its own reward, and idol-pop (in all its varieties: peppy, dancy, cutesy, pretty, sexy, touching, beautiful, tearjerking…) is way better than you think.

Love Live! Sunshine!! As Love Live! (more direct and in-your-face; “zero-to-one” and all that), plus eventually: “don’t be a me-to’er; jus bee urslef xD“.

Non Non Biyori. Chill out, go out, explore. Furthermore, friendship is magic. “Friendship is magic” sums up pretty much every “slice-of-life” anime ever made (and shounen fighter [DBZ] and mahou shoujo [Sailor Moon] as well): Kiniro Mosaic, Yuru Yuri, k-ON!, Minami-ke, Flying Witch, Yuyushiki, Fruits Basket…

Yuyushiki. Nothing is going on, and that is great. This is exactly the same as Lucky Star — and Seinfeld for that matter! — but Yuyushiki does the same thing oh so much better that you needn’t waste your time with the overrated Lucky Star unless all you want is to add another notch to your “anime-watched” bedpost.

Fruits Basket. (Manga > anime; don’t waste your time with the anime.) Jus bee urslef xD. Also the power of love in all its aspects (positive and negative): family loyalty (the good, bad, and ugly), “brother-from-another-mother”, “s/he’s The One”, etc. Impressively deep and compelling for a romance shoujo. (ie, its target audience is young girls.)

Fist Of The North Star. Even if all you have left is the clothes on your back (everything else ripped from your hands), even if the whole world has gone to hell, if you have even a shred of strength: fight. Fight to protect the weak who cannot protect themselves from the criminal warlords who now rule what little there is, but most of all fight to protect your soul and sanity in a world that wants you dead or enslaved.

Great Teacher Onizuka. (Manga > anime; read, don’t waste your time watching.) Re-read about Gurren Lagann, above. And all sorts of little life lessons at the end of most episodes/chapters that mostly involve the tackling of tough topics (gang violence, drug addiction, bullying, suicide, the unfairness of The System, and there are very few who DON’T suffer some sort of sexual harassment…) typically with jaw-droppingly brutal black comedy (yes, GTO will make you a terrible person), growing a pair, being a “loser” isn’t so bad afterall, and most importantly to NEVER EVER EVER underestimating the insane, calculating evil of teenage girls. Be further forewarned: this show’s generalizations (with few exceptions to prove the rule) to say the least are unkind: men are perverts, women are boring, boys are useless wimps, and girls are monsters; it’s ultimately a matter of comparison and perspective. (ie, “Well this one isn’t CURRENTLY beating me up, stripping me naked, and laughing at my genitals like she used to, whereas that rich genius a few months back pulled a bunch of brilliant masterminding that lead to some classmates almost being [redacted to keep this post SFW!] and she’s one of the ‘good guys’ so I guess the first one’s not so bad afterall.” These are only TWO of DOZENS of screwed-up plots and character-arcs; don’t go into GTO unprepared.)

Symphogear. A blending of the likes of Love Live!, iDOLM@STER, and k-ON!; and Lyrical Nanoha, Strike Witches, and Gurren Lagann — somehow they made steak and ice cream work oh so well together. And its soundtrack is freaking stellar — we’re only talking the first season here! WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING!?


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