I day off of habocath

  1. Wake up too early.
  2. Text father to ask when he’s coming over to help with tax return.
  3. Exercise, lots of pullups.
  4. Get on bike, go bank and shopping. Happy with new self-rule at Goodwill: set timer for 15 minutes, when it dings, I am done shopping. Will hopefully $ave me much.
  5. Planned to laundry, but apartments recently changed how it works and they went to lunch.
  6. Kill time by trying to get a couch home and upstairs, fail and hurt back but was fun
  7. Finally do laundry, father come over and due to weird something-or-another with marketplace insurance am >$1000 less than I would have otherwise. Sad.
  8. Father drives me to store across town for more shopping.
  9. He drops me off.
  10. Spend the rest of the night:
    1. Eating salmon in coconut oil.
    2. Crossing off a bunch from my To-Say list (I write subjects I want to blog and chat about later during the work-week; too busy working then)
    3. And my To-Do [PC] list (like backing up files to external hard drive, and burning a few CDs for tomorrow’s big cooking day)
    4. And eating buckets of hot-air-popped corn and drinking lots of skim milk from the jug while wearing a vibrating shoulder-neck-heater and watching SFDebris video reviews of Star Trek and Transformers.

Day of ups and downs: adventure followed by rest.


Author: ma'habocath

ma'habocath knows some, tells much. ma'habocath knows few things others do. This one is a live-alone, full-time burger-flipper with an odd mind and too much to say. ma'hab always tries the best ma'hab can to keep up: • Chores • Bodybuilding and other health-nuttery • Japanese language studies • Culinary experimentation (see “other health-nuttery”) • Exploration of newfound spiritual territory • Exploration of my Self • Figuring out how to socialize well enough, mostly face-to-face • Backlogs: books, heavy metal, anime • Blogging, chatting, texting, and talking to whomever will listen about all of the above

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