I anime: Minami-ke, episode 3

Minami Kamakura Kouko Joshi Jitensha-bu

Everyone needs to join a club at this school. Obviously basketball won’t be the one for our main girls, and perhaps not some of the other more… interesting ones.

I for one would choose the Light Swimming Club for no other reasons than that jacuzzi and sauna! That and I hear swimming’s easy-on-joints yet serious cardio.

Gee, I wonder what they’re gonna do? It’s not like the spoilered it in last-time’s next-ep preview, this episode’s title, and this show’s name and description!

Hiromi can’t swim, she gets a boo-boo so goes to the nurse’s office with glasses-girl Tomoe. They meet with tomboy Higa and find out she’s an Okinawan swimmer, and spoiled purty-gurl Fuyune doesn’t understand DOMS (was biking with the rest earlier) so she’s in the nurse’s office. Wimp.

They were about to check out some other clubs, but oh thank the Gods for richie-rich: she (with GPS; she may be more helpless than Hiromi!) takes them behind the school to some more scenery porn and a house with a sleeping old lady! AAAHHH!!

It’s Fuyune’s grandma, and the principal. (Explains why the house is behind the school.)

The house is her “hideout” and she was whom Fuyune was gonna meet, but she was sleeping. Man what a lovely pad; iJelly

Lots of old pics of grandma-n-friends-as-schoolgirls as part of a cycling club doing cycling things like this show’s trademark scenery porn. And this comfy home was their clubroom.

Hiromi’s derpitude aside, seems like here’s where our girls get the idea! Old club was disbanded due to lack of interest: Japan was getting cars, planes, and bullet trains by the 70’s & 80’s. Gee, I wonder who’s gonna pick things back up where they left off?

Looks like Fuyune was the one to make the decision! Man do they flesh her out this episode; so far she’s undeniably Best Girl. Granny gives them the keys to the cozy house for their own club room, tells them to enjoy themselves, and episode 3 ends. Next eps sounds portentious.

As for the after-credits 3D bike-n00b segment: discussing must-have accessories for the new cyclist. Nothing I didn’t already learn from Uncle Scooby, but it’s a good reminder.

You don’t need expensive biking gloves methinks — don’t be Alpaca‘d — some $10 pair from Walmart should suffice for falls if you don’t already have tough manly calluses from many squats ‘n’ deadlifts! And don’t be a fashion-fairy unless you like not $aving.

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